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Coach, writer, wild soul and sometime gypsy, Jen knows a thing or two about following dreams. A few years ago, she thought she had it all. She was happy, successful. She had a highly respectable, well-paid and promising career as an actuary in a prestigious FTSE100 Financial Services company, a perfect relationship and a beautiful house. Then, just as everything was going so right, a painful and scary tumble into overwhelm, burnout and depression made Jen realise that actually, she was not very happy at all.

With the help of a counsellor and coach, Jen started to take back control of her existence and began to explore what she really wanted to do with her one wild and precious life. Two things came through loud and clear: Live life. Help others. It wasn't going to be an easy or straightforward path, but it felt more right than ever. The direction was set. Leaving her job, Jen embarked on her first epic adventure - walking solo from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for children and adults facing significant life challenges - a life-changing and soul-affirming 1,400 mile journey. On returning, she created her nature-based wellbeing business, WildFire Walks, through which she helps tired, stressed-out professional women in their 30s and 40s rest, reconnect and re-energise.

Now also a One of many Certified Women's Coach, Jen has added the transformational power of the incredible One of many tools into her work, to help her clients feel more empowered to live a life they truly want to live. A life on their terms. Combined with a dash of playful rebel, she gently pushes back against the "should-dos" and "should-bes" so often imposed by our culture, our upbringing, our workplaces. Jen knows what it means to succeed in the corporate world...and what it's like to not want that, actually. She believes, and champions, that there is a different way.

Jen's own adventures continue, from spending a summer living off grid in a yurt in the woods and writing about her experiences, to embracing an indefinite spell of no fixed abode and seeing where the wind takes her, to continuing her own inner journey exploring truth, freedom and possibility. Her purpose; to playfully push the boundaries of what's possible in life, and to encourage and inspire other women to do the same.

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