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Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain
Netherlands 8386XA

Have you ever felt like the outsider and tried to fit in? Its hard right? If not impossible.

To be happy and fulfilled you need to be able to embrace who you truly are. If you ignore this voice inside that is calling for attention, funk starts to happen.

It shows up in your relationship, your health, career, prosperity, and overall happiness. It feels disempowered. You notice that you run into the need to hustle and cannot seem to find any sense of flow and harmony. It is feeling depleted even when you just had a lovely holiday. It is hearing so many voices who give you advise, but you can not hear your own.

Many of my clients have felt like the black sheep.  It made them hide or doubt the gift of the most beautiful parts of themselves: the way they love, their creative and spiritual gifts, their powerful voice and presence that can move the room and attract the right clients.

I am Elisabeth and I live in the Netherlands on a beautiful rural spot in the middle of nature. Coming from a mix of Indonesian, Swiss, German, Dutch and French descendants I felt like the world was my home, more than the country I lived in.

During my own life I have felt like an outsider for a long, long time. First, I felt way too sensitive. Then in came my psychic gifts I had since I was born, and a spiritual awakening that started at 11 years old after an accident. It felt I needed to hide that part. I even tried to hide it by making it my goal to be a harsh critic of spirituality in general.

Then in came my singing voice, I trained as a classical singer, I performed and trained many people, however my fascination was truly for the holistic transmutation, and transformational aspects of voice. At the same time in my longtime marriage, we faced the challenge of both wanting and needing more individual space to be who we truly where, while still deeply loving each other and wanting to be together.

What I have realised, especially after becoming a One of Many Women’s coach, is that we, ‘black sheep’, have looked at ourselves from a wrong angle.

Instead of looking at ourselves from afar, in a linear position, we are here to put ourselves in the center of our life. And consciously building a life that is built around who truly are.
Compassionately and with unconditional love for our soul.

What does it want to experience? What gifts do you bring by being you? How are you positively influencing the people around you when you start to become happy because you can be authentically you?

This is the new feminine leadership that the world is hungry for. Experiencing yourself like a black sheep was always the invitation of the universe to take up your own sovereign position and claim your stage.

In my work I have a group program of 12 weeks that unlocks your Voice & Feminine Powers and Sovereign Leadership, a membership of high vibrational like-minded women called Divine Sisterhood Tribe, and I have individual High Level Coaching programs for women who want to step into their own voice and feminine leadership.

You are invited to make a free clarity call so I can tell you more about it all in person.

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