Tabitha Pascoe

  1. Tabitha Pascoe

Have you come out of a long-term marriage and are scared of being hurt again or being alone?

Have you been dating and keep attracting the wrong type of men?

Are you getting bored of the same conversations?

Do you notice a pattern of men you are attracting? Unavailable? Too keen? Losers? Just wanting sex?

Do you have insecurities around your body (it has changed since having children) and the idea of sleeping with a new man is a little scary?

Are you beginning to think there are no good men left?

Are you suspicious and guarded?

Would you like to understand why you keep attracting the wrong man and more importantly change it?

Would you like to get super clear about what you really want and how to get it?

Do you want to feel empowered, confident and trust yourself? Be fully expressed?

And crucially, would you like to truly value yourself, your desires and be in a relationship with a man who really sees you and cherishes you!

If any of this resonates, drop me an email at [email protected] and let's chat.

What the programme does.....TRANSFORM

· Saying NO to years of fruitless dating and the damage that does to your belief and self-worth

· Feel empowered, confident and self love

· Heal the past hurt

· The courage to say NO

· The bravery to really honour your heart desires

· Experience a freedom you never thought possible

· Help get barriers down

· Stop blaming

· End internal suffering

· Help truly reconnect with yourself first before you can truly connect with a man

· Actually be heard for the first time/have a voice

· Trust fully and quickly

· Allow yourself to let love in again



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