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Maggie helps women in ‘clever’ professions step out from under the shadow of their careers into authentic, centred and successful leadership on their own terms.  Are you losing sight of who you are to the demands of your career?  Feeling trapped and uninspired by its daily demands?  Struggling to find the time and space to contribute your brightest gifts?

Maggie's mission is to empower highly qualified women with big hearts and mighty souls to give their best and LOVE what they do.  Her vision for the world is one where, when your heart asks your head the question 'Was this really what I was put on this planet to do?' you can answer with a big, fat, resounding YES.  She brings her experience as both a leader and strategist in Higher Education and an entrepreneur running 2 successful spiritual and personal development training businesses to her clients.  She works with her clients to  access their wise eyes and dreaming-selves, embody a more centred and authentic leadership presence, and reimagine and renegotiate their careers from this place of power.

Maggie held a space that was warm, insightful and encouraging, which led to a deep and wide exploration of my career goals, and a clearer understanding of how my work fits into my life, and of how all the aspects of my life support each other and work together.  My enjoyment and satisfaction in my work is hugely enriched, and I feel a greater sense of balance, and clarity about where I'm heading with a solid plan to get there.  Helen M, UK

Maggie's own clever career spanned 25 years.  She obtained her first senior appointment before 30 whilst managing a severe disability and chalking up her second Masters degree.  10 years on she was mother to 2 young children and heading up a large department.  She was an equality and diversity champion managing large institutional strategic projects and leading services as varied as sport, chaplaincy, student conduct, strategy development and widening access.  On the clever scale she was rocking it but her wise-self knew she'd left  her true-north compass somewhere back on the path.   Her work with One of Many first as a client and then as a coach led her back into purpose and wholeness.  She now partners with her coaching clients to bring their wise heads to their clever careers.  Her coaching space encourages exploration of personal as well as professional identity recognising that authenticity, centred-ness and success are about people, not just careers.  Her clients describe her as wise, insightful, calm and funny.

You can find out more about Maggie's work as a northern tradition shamanic practitioner on her website  She has also contributed to a number of publications as a writer and illustrator for the esoteric publisher Avalonia.

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