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Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain
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Elisabeth, is the founder of Vocal Presence. She's a professional classical singer, the first One of Many™ Coach in the Netherlands, a long time successful entrepreneur, a Voice- and Presence- coach, and a Female Leadership Expert for ambitious women worldwide who create positive change in the world, but also deeply yearn for more sanity, me-time, the closeness of friends, family, romance and most of all the divine inner feeling of peace and belonging in their own lives.

She experienced firsthand all the challenges we highly creative, super ambitious, purpose driven entrepreneurial women have. Everything that is in One of many women's coaching is the solution we've been looking for. It offers a way to balance your energy, so you're able to do all the things your soul cries out it wants you to do. Without keeping small. You can become visible, recognized and successful with your mission, without being in overwhelm all the time and feeling inauthentic.

With the wisdom of the One women's coaching Elisabeth created a program called "Resonate! YOU. A holistic program with proven methods that learns you to align your soul, body and your mind to create what you really want from life. In a smart, joyful, and transformative way that gets out of overwhelm, and shows you how to end the tiring 'keeping yourself small or pushing for results' game.

"Resonate!" brings you back to YOU. So, the joy, the fun, the feeling of connection, people championing you, and fulfillment becomes part of your daily- and worklife. You will gain the vision and inner confidence that allows you to lead the change you want to see.

So, if you want to know more, get to know me to see if this is for you. I invite you to contact me, and I love to speak to you.

I'm offering VIP days, two programs - Resonate! YOU & - Resonate! your VOICE, Retreats combined with holistic wellness and voicework, and one day workshops. I work online and offline.

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