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Victoria enjoys working with women and men who find themselves at important life junctions, motherhood, career change, divorce, empty nest, menopause, without the tools to make the decisions necessary to step forwards and really enjoy their lives. .  She has experienced the exhilaration and exhaustion of being a mother and the rollercoaster of emotions that being a parent can bring.  She is not afraid to talk about the dark stuff when life feels impossible or extoll the magic of the good stuff when things are going well.  She does life with passion and compassion.

Clients often arrive with a feeling of overwhelm.  She has many skills including Hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Coaching.  These make a juicy tool box of ways to help them.  The mother in Victoria hopes to give clients the learning to go on and live their lives their way but with the knowledge of how to do that more easily, working with their cycles if they are women, to get life not just back on track but really enjoyably thriving.  Freeing them to feel confident to use these ‘tools’, enjoying the process, finding calm, reclaiming their sense of self, arresting the overwhelm and being ready to leave the coaching ‘nest’ with a sense of excitement about what’s possible.

Before:- “I had forgotten how to be a wife to my husband and how to be a friend to myself…. Constantly worn out and running on adrenalin to get things done.”

After:- “It’s been life changing.  My relationship with myself, my husband and my children has been enhanced and I would recommend this course to any woman….. definitely worth the money.”

Since 2008 Victoria has been teaching Hypnobirthing, supporting women and their partners to learn about a gentler way of birthing.  Helping couples to really get connected, to understand that getting their ideas of parenting aligned is important in order to be ready for this new journey.  She is really passionate about leading by example, taking self-care seriously and being compassionate with all she comes into contact with.  She has grown two sons and a daughter to adulthood and feels very strongly that as parents we should aim to bring up the men of the future who are a match for the glorious women she sees growing up around her.  Strong, happy, confident, kind and empathetic men and women.

Victoria has always been interested in and involved in nurture.  Nurturing family, friends, children (hers and other peoples).  Alongside this she has, taught horse riding and schooled young horses, worked in publishing and TV, she ran a property search agency whilst she was bringing her children up and has developed property in order to live in the spaces she wanted her children to grow up in.  She has been in Love, with her husband, her children, friends, siblings, parents, and in fact the world at large. Clients have said that working with her ‘was just as enjoyable as having a great conversation with a wise best friend – but infinitely more productive’. That ‘she inspires confidence and trust and as a result, I was comfortable being vulnerable with her in a way I would ordinarily find very difficult’.

“If you’re the sort of person who thinks that coaching is self-indulgent and that you don’t have the time – make the time and get Victoria on the case.  Trust me – it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made.”

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