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I coach people who need to learn to put their needs first.

A few years before training to become a coach I was asked by a new partner what I needed in life. I had no idea. I had never been asked, and I had certainly never consciously thought about it. My attitude was one of, isn’t it selfish to put oneself first? My whole life and career had been geared to putting other people first. Being asked to consider my own needs felt self-indulgent – and possibly a little dangerous. For if the veil of my belief about that were to fall, what would be left?

Having burned out two and a half times now (I caught myself in the nick of time during round three) I have tested to destruction the notion that one should give and give and give until you can give no more. It IS wonderful to give – for example, when we have identified our own needs and are proactively working to meet them – but not when we are depleted and by giving, we grow weary, resentful, and diminished.

I use my 20+ years’ experience as a senior manager in education and as a political activist, and now my experience as CEO of The Essential Safeguarding Company, to help empower women and men to identify and honour their needs so that they can give – and receive – in harmony with their purpose and lead more joyful and enriching lives.

Clients tell me that they appreciate my warmth, compassion, care and encouragement and benefit from the One of many tools I use, as well as my non-directive coaching skills honed to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach.

As a professional MC and Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters and keen public speaker, clients also seek my support to develop their confidence and public speaking skills.  From autumn 2024 I shall be a Certified One of Trainer and graduate of Susie Heath’s Embodiment Coaching Academy and will be offering coaching workshops on a larger scale.

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