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Scarlett Wallingford
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Are you struggling to find the new ‘normal’?

There is a place, where once again, you will be able to thrive in your life – not just survive.

“Scarlett has a strong empathy and deep understanding of how sadness, grief and bereavement can affect women of any age. Her coaching style with me was flexible - she was able to flow with me. She had a women-centred approach and showed compassion yet was able to guide me and my family through turbid times of grief and change.”  Carolyn. NZ.

From an early age, having experienced death and suicide, then, grief as a mother, changing countries and loss of homes and menopause, Scarlett understands that people experience the emotions that go with change in different ways. There is no right or wrong – there is no one way of getting through the pain that life throws at us.

Scarlett’s life has always been about being in service to others and she has trained in many recovery and personal growth methodologies with a wide range of conventional and mind-body-soul practices and tools.

She holds a sacred space for you and a wide shoulder to lean on as you are transitioning into your new way of being. She will guide you as you find your own new wholehearted way of living.

As well as being a coach, Scarlett is experienced professionally in many fields of life, having been a midwife, a restaurateur, an artist, a body-worker, an integrated therapist and counselor, a workshop facilitator, Tantra teacher and was in the comedy business as a stage and production manager. She is now working as a doula as well.

She knows the value of having someone there while we navigate the traumas of life.

“ I had been resistant to taking support from anyone - I was especially suspicious of coaches as I’d known a few who didn’t practice what they preached. The only reason I allowed Scarlett to coach me was because I’d met her 20 years previous and seen her go through her own stuff in life. I needed someone who had been there and done it - and was still doing it (the work I mean).

I wanted someone who was able to both hold my vulnerability without judgement and challenge me with fierce compassion when needed. (I can be pretty arrogant and stubborn). Scarlett did both of these things easily and well.

I also appreciated how, because of her vast and varied range of other skills and trainings she was able to find the words/phrases/practices that worked for me in different ways. She is perceptive, creative, committed and wise. All of these things, and more make her the ONLY coach I would recommend.

Sidtsara (58) UK

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