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Julie Randall

Hi I'm Julie and I help disenchanted Business women to step up & reclaim control of their lives.

As a divorced, working Mum, working in patriarchal cultures, who brought up three children (one with special needs) whilst being in an abusive relationship. I know what it's like feel like you have no option but to carry on pretending life is okay when it was anything but! I didn’t recognise myself anymore. I felt anxious, ashamed, guilty and insecure. I lacked confidence, didn't trust myself to make decisions, and was uncertain about what to do next. I was tired of pretending everything was okay when in reality I felt stressed, fatigued and burnt out. I hated everything about it and I knew something had to change. That something was me!

Gradually over the next four years, I began to regain confidence, overcome anxiety and left toxicity behind.   I learned new beliefs, behaviours, coping strategies and felt empowered to make decisions.  This was when  I stumbled across One Of Many and decided to retrain as a coach to help women like me. Finding One of Many and going through their coaching programme is the best investment I have ever made. Utilising their tools, methodology, help and support I have turned my life around, become the best version of myself, improved all my relationships and sustainably live life on my  terms? I'm happier than I've ever been in my life.

Using a combination of my own strategies and the  One of Many methodology my mission is to help other women do the the same. Are you a business woman who is pretending everything is okay whilst struggling to keep all the plates of life spinning? Do you feel lost and out of control? Do you feel anxious and lack confidence? Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel stressed, fatigued and burnt out? Are you doubting yourself and your ability to make decisions? Are you finding it hard to deal with or move on from a toxic relationship? I know how this feels and I can help you make sustainable changes to enable you to live the life you choose, on your terms. You can't change the past but together we can change your future.

To find out more book a 15 minute discovery call with me https://calendly.com/juliepr/15minenquiry Client Testimonials

I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without Julie's patience, support and guidance. Julie has shown and guided me through many areas that you can learn so much from and this has helped me to get out of a rut that I had always led myself into. The sessions and Julie’s guidance has allowed myself to discover new abilities as well as learning so much about myself and my perceptions and how to turn things around for a much more positive result.  I still have life struggles and the odd night where I don’t sleep well, but I have learnt many ways to help cope with these challenges to ensure I only stay in a negative place for a short while, rather than letting it go on and on for days or weeks. Thank you Julie.  - Nicola, Bedford

I'd like to thank Julie from the bottom of my heart for the support and coaching she has given me during the past twelve weeks, I've been through some tough challenges, Julie has been patient, compassionate and understanding providing me with the tools and resources to address these areas. I have come out of this journey feeling more resilient, at peace and a with a better understanding of myself. – Helen, Lincolnshire

With Julie I felt safe, heard, guided and gently directed. She is wonderful and understanding. Her sessions were honest, humorous and helpful. Julie guided me to make positive, fearless changes which have given me positive clarity moving forward.  Thank you for everything – Kerry, Henley

I’m so grateful to you for the time and space you gave me at a really difficult time. To have someone who could truly understand that some things in life leave unseen scars and that recovery from traumatic experiences, whether domestic or professional, takes time and care.  Julie created a safe space for me to release old emotions whilst gently guiding me back to the coaching for positive change.  She has a great toolkit of techniques to use and to embody, which I have become increasingly adept at using and will continue to use.  I am immensely grateful to Julie for her time and expertise. – Carol, Scotland

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