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Untying the Knot with Jennie Sutton as your Break-up and Divorce coach will provide an opportunity to touch base on the past and concentrate on moving forward in terms of practical and emotional support. With guidance, you will steer your way through your own unique Break-Up or Divorce journey with a clear focus on coming out the other side, being resilient, and confident in making the transition to be truly you. As a One of Many and an Accredited Break-up and Divorce Coach, with her own blend of humour, tapping into archetype energy and mindset shifts, Jennie will equip you with strategies and techniques that you can readily access for clarity and control.

Six Steps to Untying the Knot:


Your Break-up or Divorce journey will be unique. It’s Jennie’s role to increase your self-awareness and shine a light on the life lessons of the past. It’s a bit like looking in a rear-view mirror, you glance at it to double-check, make decisions and keep yourself safe, whilst driving forward.


Break-up and Divorce is one of the most challenging of life’s experiences next to death. Jennie will work with you to calm the waves of the emotions you will be feeling at this time with a number of techniques and strategies that will help you to manage from fraught to freedom. Your resilience for the unknown and uncertainties ahead will be strengthened and you’ll be able to move onward with ease.


Every Divorce process is bespoke, no one size fits all as circumstances are very different. One unwavering route is to ensure you have a Break-up and Divorce Support Team in place. This is crucial to enable you to feel supported with expert advice so you can make informed choices.


Jennie will provide you with a personalised tool kit that will help you to accelerate your confidence, fast-track your emotional control, and put boundaries in place to maintain self-care.


Together, Jennie will uncover what’s the magic that makes you, you. This is going to give you the edge to boost your true and authentic self.


Finally, a vibrant picture of your future will be created and planned. You can either take measured steps or an enormous leap, either way, your destiny will be designed and manifested to compel you to an exciting and happy future.

EMERGENCY STOP COACHING Life happens when making other plans. Conversations can become fraught, unwanted emotions can be rekindled and feelings of uncertainty can raise their challenging heads. Because we can’t always predict the unpredictable, Jennie offers an emergency stop service. This out-of-hours coaching service is to assist you at times of break-up and divorce wobbles. The focus will be on continuing your momentum to success and enabling you to make the transition that you deserve.

COACHING PACKAGES ONE TO ONE BREAK-UP or DIVORCE COACHING: Every Break-up and Divorce is unique just like your thumbprint. So, with that in mind, all coaching will be bespoke and personalised to suit your situation.

The One-Offs: Coaching can be anything between 1-3 hours. This can be achieved in one session or more. Coaching can be delivered to suit your style of communication, face2face, phone, or Zoom. This service can also be complemented with the Emergency Stop, Out of Hours coaching service. Contact Jennie to discuss the different ways that will assist you best.

PUBLIC AND THIRD SECTOR DIVORCE COACHING: Divorce has a big impact on all areas of your life and employment is one aspect. As such, divorce can have an effect on the bottom line, team dynamics, and the stress of a divorce on employees. Jennie, as an experienced leader and manager in both the public and third sectors, will work with the individual, team, and manager to improve performance, understand the wave of emotions that divorce can bring, and teach strategies to benefit all in the wider employment circle.

WORKSHOPS: Jennie is a qualified facilitator and runs workshops and seminars on coping with different areas of heartbreak, separation, and divorce. Topics will be tailored to the relevant setting and audience and may include:

  • What’s the best option – stay or go?
  • How to get certainty when you feel uncertain?
  • How to stay calm when your world is crashing around you?
  • How to get the most from your coach?
  • How to design your destiny?

Contact Jennie for any personal development needs in this area.

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