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Coach, trainer, mentor, wild soul and free spirit, Jen knows a thing or two about following dreams. As a well-respected, well-paid, high-flying actuary and manager in a prestigious FTSE100 Financial Services company, Jen was a glowing example of success in the corporate world. Then a painful and scary tumble into overwhelm, burnout and depression made Jen realise that actually, despite the shiny suit, a 'perfect' relationship and a beautiful house, she was not very happy at all.

Investing in a coach, Jen started to take back control of her existence and explore what she really wanted to do with her one wild and precious life. Two things came through loud and clear: Live life. Help others. Stepping off the conventional path, she took the courageous decision to step away from corporate life and follow the path of her heart, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, retraining and upskilling.

Jen combined her many years of experience in management, mentoring and coaching within the corporate space with her passion for the wild to found nature-based wellbeing business WildFire Walks. She has since trained and certified as a One of many™ Certified Women's Coach and Trainer and is a One of many™ In-house Coach.

Jen works with successful, smart but stuck women who want to break free from the cage of corporate life. Either you've already left the cage but are struggling to really fly, or you just can't seem to even find the door! From the outside you probably seem happy and in control, but behind the scenes you are feeling trapped, lost, with no space to breathe and wondering what's missing. An expert at challenging long-held limiting beliefs, holding the space for vision and possibility and believing in you until you're ready to believe in yourself, Jen helps you find the courage, connection and clarity to explore what you really want from life, and then feel empowered enough to live it!

Jen is a gentle, encouraging coach much loved by her clients. With a dash of playful rebel, she gently pushes back against the "should-dos" and "should-bes" so often imposed by our culture, our upbringing, our workplaces. Jen knows what it means to succeed in the traditional corporate world...and what it's like to not want that, actually. She believes, and champions, that there is a different way.

What Jen's clients say:

"Jen has been a life changer! I have noticed a real difference in how I think and approach situations, not only at work but in my social life too. I feel more confident in my decisions and the way I convey them, and feel she has helped me transform from a follower to more of a leader."

"I enjoyed how Jen made our sessions fun and we had some laughs - it wasn’t too serious! Jen has a relaxed, open and encouraging style, non-invasive but “pokey” where necessary, and she created space to let me draw my own threads."

"Things have moved on a lot for me since working with Jen - there are lots of opportunities and more hope, and life is more interesting. I’m listening to my inner voice, I have more confidence to do things in spite of what other people think, and challenge isn’t so scary.”

"I just felt I had to let you know how great I'm still doing after our session this week! I feel so much more alive and awake to everything. It's like my senses have been switched on. I'm just so thrilled that you've reintroduced me to this part of life!"

"The most valuable thing about working with Jen is her presence and her spirit of curiosity, challenge and kindness. She has a way of holding you with absolute safety while playfully and skilfully holding up limiting ideas she is hearing and questioning them together with you."

"My intuition brought me straight to Jen's door and I am glad that I went for it in every possible way. It has returned me to myself - to who I feel I was born to be. Jen has helped me to embrace who I truly am and it is a gift that is greater than gold. Jen is a phenomenal coach, one I am honoured and proud to have worked with."

Alongside supporting her clients, Jen is a keen adventurer and liver of life. Past adventures range from a charity solo walk from Land's End to John O'Groats - a life-changing and soul-affirming 1,400 mile journey - to spending a summer living off-grid in a yurt in the woods and writing about her experiences, to embracing the semi-nomadic life with a year of no fixed abode. In early 2020 Jen spent time with the indigenous San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and is part of an action group to help preserve their ancient culture and support them in their fight against TB. Back on English soil she is a member of the steering group for a small but pioneering rewilding project on Dartmoor.

Jen is committed to continuing her own inner journey exploring truth, freedom and possibility. Her purpose: to playfully push the boundaries of what's possible in life, and to encourage and inspire other women to do the same.

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