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BKalma Divine Tuning - Coaching Programme

Hi there, my name is JacQueline Acheampong.  1st cohort of coaches and face of the Queen.

I have been a healer for now, what, over 25 years.  Now combining these gifts, with The 'One of Many' keys.

I speak of Frozen Superwoman, because that's who I've been.

To the outside world, I projected Queen.  Inside I lied.  Inside I cried.  Inside I harboured,

'Frozen Queen, Hidden Superwoman'.  Inside I died.

Learning to speak of the shame that I held.  For the deeds unfulfilled.  For the life that I led.  Allowed me to connect, to the truth inside me.  Allowed me to share,  the gifts that I bared.

'Connection to Source

Is the ultimate aim.

Shining your inner light,

The ultimate gain.'

This programme calls for a strength from within.  That seeks to connect, with a light that's Supreme.  This light is the essence,  of the visions you seek.  Unleashing the fears, the shame and your tears.  The Lover, The Mother, Sorceress, Warrioress, Queen, are all a face, of the Divine Woman to Be.

It requires you to focus.  To tune in and see, the blocks you have placed.  The blocks you don't see.  Moments of silence, each week is required.  Not talking each week, but delving inside.  The weeks that we speak, are powerful indeed.  You get to see you and you get to see me.  On the weeks we don't speak, at the same time, we 'tune in'.  Connecting with your Spirits, quest to Be.  We will strengthen the Archetypes, who's weakness has been, holding you, keeping you, far from your dreams.  In the weeks that we 'meet', the pearls that we've received.  We'll share and we'll tell, we'll unravel and yield.

At the end of each quest for you, an animal card reading, I will be send.  Offering insight for the path that you heed.  The aim is to strengthen your connection, to the Divine.  Where all questions are tended and answers you'll find.

If this rhythm and rhyme, connects and does chime.  Connect for more info, before you decide.

I have two programs to offer, two programs to share:

BKalma Dharma- for the light that you seek

BKalma Mama - for Divine Mothers to be.

I am open to an exchange, a skill swap indeed.  If the financial Investment, stretches your need.  Of course these skills and these gifting must meet and serve the desires and needs inside me.  But they may at least provide part payment, let's see.

These are the tales, of those who have before, walked this trail.

Testimonials for BKalma Dharma - Coaching Programme:
Esther Lorenzo - Technical Manager SE London
I had 3 pack sessions with JacQueline before being offered to experience the ‘Divine tuning programme’
I felt I had a good knowledge of myself that developed even further after these 3 pack sessions so I felt drawn to testing what it would be to go ‘solo’.
This programme is different to others JacQueline offers in the sense that no conversations are held during or after each session, it’s simplistically both of you connecting at the same time to the divine and JacQueline pulling information that will be then shared after session 3 and session 7
My motivation to do this course was to reinforce further everything I had learnt from the past, develop to trust in my inner guidance, solidify connection tools, and grow up my intuition.
At the beginning of the course I felt as if i was going to travel the ocean solo on a sailing boat, I could picture that so clearly in my head, I felt emotional and anxious for what was coming but excited at the same time to test myself in the worst storms and conditions. If I survive I will be stronger.
To connect with the divine I used things that have worked for me in the past, such as earthing, breathing, meditation and writing. As the programme moved along I had just to relax and think what would be my way of tuning that week, i particularly enjoyed writing.
JacQueline gave me verbal feedback after week 3 and week 7, it was magical to hear the things she had picked up and found them very useful to know as they gave me an insight  to a parallel world of energies and food for thought, reflection topics and tools for the day to day.
This programme completely exceeding my expectations and it has worked wonders on the way I now live and think. I am much more connected to my needs, to ways of recharging batteries and to find answers to my day to day questions.
I feel I know better what I want, I trust my inner guidance will give me answers, that good things will always come ( I just have to ask for them) and I know better what I want of life and how to achieve it, pretty powerful.
JacQueline is a wonderful coach, super experienced and full of recourses, but above all what I appreciate from her is her availability to connect to the divine and translate it’s  guidance into words.
I recommend to do this course after doing some personal work on yourself first as it is quite advanced.
Good luck on your journey
Rosalind Munroe
“I have been recovering from post partum psychosis following the birth of my son in January 2019. While the psychosis symptoms have subsided I had been left with a loss of self confidence and periods of feeling blue. I have worked successfully with JacQueline before: she has acted as a coach and mentor to me since 2017, so I already knew how powerful her approach can be. I credit her with helping me to conceive my son in the first place - a long held dream of mine and my husbands. I was intrigued by the concept of divine tuning and keen to push myself out of my comfort zone.
My intention in doing the divine tuning was to boost my confidence and hopefully improve my mood.
I found it really helpful to have a set time every week to focus on myself and to immerse myself both in nature and the spiritual side of life. I chose to take myself off for a walk during the times that we were tuning in together.
During the first four weeks the improvements were subtle. I was waking in a more positive frame of mind and felt lighter in myself. It was after we had the mid way catch up and JacQueline revealed some of her insights that I really started noticing a difference. I was also reducing my anti psychosis medication, something that I had felt nervous about but was able to take this in my stride.
JacQueline told me that movement was something that she felt was important for me and this really struck a chord. I started to incorporate exercise into my daily routine more regularly and to do it first thing in the mood, which is my more vulnerable time of day. Swimming in the sea has been particularly effective for me - it clears my head so much and makes me feel invincible!
We also talked about intuitiveness being a really positive aspect of being a sensitive person. I have always trusted my instincts in the past but this is something I had overlooked recently. Sometimes I put too much weight on everyone else’s opinion rather than just listening to a few trusted advisors, namely myself.   JacQueline helped me to realise all of this and see a way forward.
I didn’t expect to feel as well as I now do in such a short space of time. My mood has been great recently and I feel as though I have turned a corner.
Some really positive job opportunities have also come out of my illness which I am excited about.
I can’t thank JacQueline enough for what she has done for me. She is a delight to work with and gently helps you to see to the heart of things.  Her approach is unusual but completely reflects her strengths and approach to life. I trust her implicitly
Christabel Baguma - Human Resources Power Tool
I had already been carrying out small intention experiments and practising visualisation when JacQueline offered this programme, so the timing was perfect. I felt ready and with lockdown and my current unemployment, I knew I could really devote my time and energy to it.
Before starting the programme, I was in a pretty negative headspace due to my circumstances and I was finding it difficult to let go or at least acknowledge how I was feeling. I felt stuck. I’ve worked with JacQueline before so I was excited to start the programme and I was confident that I would benefit from it.
Having never meditated for more than 20 minutes, the hour long session did seem daunting at first but I could feel the benefits of the session right from the start. A few things I noticed was my mood changing significantly after the sessions, I felt more positive, clear headed and energised. I started seeing connections that I probably wouldn’t have noticed or would have assumed were coincidences and I remembered my dreams more clearly. I learnt a lot about myself and JacQueline gave me the tools to work with the universe and most importantly, to trust it.
I am still in the process of achieving my intention but the sessions really opened my eyes and made me more aware of my feelings and thought processes. I feel better prepared and equipped to take the steps needed to achieve my intention and most importantly, I feel positive about it.
Working with JacQueline was amazing. Her energy is palpable and she has a way of asking the right questions to help you come to self-realisations. JacQueline is incredibly intuitive, warm and you can tell she genuinely loves what she does.  She goes above and beyond and I always feel energised and positive when I work with her. Any opportunity I get to work with her, I take it.
I would recommend this programme to anyone who believes in the power of the mind and using the tools available to tap into your full potential. Being in tune with the universe as well as yourself allows you to see the signs being sent to you all the time, trying to guide you. It’s a powerful tool.
Testimonial for BKalma Mama - Coaching Programme
Sonia Quintanilla
Let me tell you a bit about myself: engineer, square head, work in problem solving, only believe (or used to) in what can be rationally explained.... Now that we have established the basics 🙂 let me tell you how I bumped into the energy world and my experience with it and JacQueline. During the last conversation that I had with my late friend before she passed away, she told me how she had just done the Reiki I course and her experience with it. I didn't understand anything but respected her as a grounded person. Shortly after, I got a voucher for my birthday for a treatment in a well recognised London based yoga centre (Triyoga). My instant thought was that I'd use the voucher for a massage, but in the end I decided to use it for a Reiki session (my friend had already planted the seed of the curiosity in me). That's when I first met JacQueline. We didn't have a conversation before the session and she didn't know anything about me, however, after the session we had a chat where she told me what she had energetically perceived about me during the session and I was quite blown away by the things about my personality that she had felt. I then had some random sessions with her in different stages in my life and got more and more blown away by how precisely she could read me at different stages in my life and the inner calm that I would feel after the sessions. However, I had only seen JacQueline whenever I had an emotional struggle (a break up, etc) but never for a physical one. After problems with my knee and having spent a lot of time and money on different doctors, I decided to see JacQueline "out of desperation" to see if this time she could help me with something physical rather than emotional. The results were astonishing and I could actually felt how the night after the session as if some physical changes were happening in my injured leg over night, as if some sort of realignment was taking place. I had already started Alexander Technique sessions for posture education. JacQueline's session put me on the right path to a healing journey of my knee, even the Alexander Technique teacher felt the improvement after the session with JacQueline and she was quite impressed by the fast pace of my improvement (I never mentioned anything about that session). Not only that, but during that session JacQueline also had other visions. She didn’t tell me what they were about but she put them down in an envelope which she sealed and told me that she would tell when I could open it. She saw that I was about to meet the person with whom I would have children. I met him less than a week after her vision and he is the Dad of the child that I’m carrying.
As you can see, my journey in the energy world with JacQueline has been quite an awakening process: from being a squared-head engineer, JacQueline had become "my healer" over years. However, while I would go to her for help, and with time I did Reiki I and II courses with other healers, my level of intuition wasn't developed. They say that it's a matter of practice, that anybody can develop it with practice but I wasn't one of those gifted pupils. So over the last year or so, I have participated in reiki shares and other events in an attempt to develop it but wasn't quite getting there. What I knew for sure is that I really wanted to try something more intensive to develop my level of intuition once I got pregnant in order to be able to read my baby and be able to better help him with the help of the Universe. Once I learnt the news I told JacQueline that I was expecting but I never told her that I wanted to work on my intuition before the baby was born. When I was 4 months pregnant JacQueline contacted me and offered me the opportunity to participate with her in a number of distance spiritual sessions (she would connect to the Universe from France where she lives and I would connect from the UK). The principle is that the kind of connection that I was after with my baby meant connection with the Great Spirit first. The plan was that in each session I would ask the Universe for whatever I wanted and I would take notes of my experiences each week but I would not communicate verbally with JacQueline. We would only have a chat after every 3 or 4 sessions. Also, after each session she would draw an animal card and send me the meaning of it. After the 4th session, the connection with the Universe seemed to get much stronger and there was a before and after. Regarding the cards, I had never had any experience with cards reading before but as the course advanced, I was shocked by how relevant the cards were for different situations that I was going through each week in my daily life, with the connection with the Universe seemingly to grow bigger after the 4th session. These are some of the experiences that I've gone through over the course of the sessions with JacQueline:
- Bigger capacity of concentration and productivity at work even under stressful situations after the sessions.
-After asking the Universe for help, capacity to be able switch my energy with "little effort" from tiredness and stress (running on adrenaline) to a calm/balanced status, where I can focus and be productive with work tasks especially when working with deadlines.
- Relief of body aches and self-healing of colds - I don't tend to come down with a temperature but whenever I catch a cold, it takes me a while to shake it off and usually the medicines that you can get over the counter don't do the job so tend to get some stronger ones from Spain. I was losing my voice the night before one of the sessions. During the session the morning after, I could feel how the situation was getting worse so I did the last half of the session with my hands on my chest in an attempt to heal. It was only that night when my Mum texted me to check on me that I realised that all the symptoms had gone since after the session!
- After asking the Universe for help during another session regarding financial difficulties the day before going away on a holiday to Sardinia, an amount of money came to me in a total unexpected and fortuitous way. A few days later while snorkelling in open sea in the clear waters of Sardinia, I found 2 notes of 50€ on the seabed!! Since I was pregnant I didn't want to go down and so I called my boyfriend that was far away to come and get them. The situation was quite surreal! If it wasn't because he also witnessed it (and picked up the notes), it's the kind of thing that with time I'd had thought that it never happened and that it was just a dream!
- One of the biggest breakthroughs has been the capacity to develop “that intuition that I was seeking” when asking the Universe for help. I have learnt how to interpret the guidance of the Universe on a number of occasions by asking the Universe for help with "Yes/No answers".  By having learnt to read how each kind of response feels, the intuition is definitely getting much stronger!
- The other big breakthrough has been becoming aware that the help from the Universe is available on tap, the same way that when you are thirsty and you know that the only thing that you have to do is to open the tap and get a glass of water and your thirst will be immediately relieved.  The help from the Universe is also available on tap anytime, you need to be vocal and ask the Universe for help and it will materialise.
I cannot be more grateful to JacQueline for having bumped into my life and for having offered me the opportunity for such an awakening.
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