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Dr Margaret Collins
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Margaret's clients are diverse though many have a background in academia or professional services. They may be at different stages on the career ladder or self-employed and often feel they are stepping up to leadership in some way. Sometimes clients describe themselves as naturally quiet and often face the challenge of having impact and presence when a part of them would rather be out of the spotlight.

If you want to step up with greater presence, more confidence or move beyond the limitations suggested by the nagging voice of your inner critic or imposter syndrome, I have tools and approaches that you may find very helpful. If you want to regain a sense of control over your time and your schedule, I can assist. If you want to learn to communicate with more impact and presence, we can do that too!

I'd be delighted to hear from you if you wanted to explore how we might work together - do email [email protected].

I have been coaching for nearly 20 years, running workshops and authored books (including "Beyond Impostor Syndrome") so have a wide range of skills and experiences to share with you.

In addition to my One of Many™ training I have experienced many different approaches and tools (cognitive behavioural confidence coaching, neuropsychology, NLP and The Daring Way™/Dare to Lead™ based on the research of Dr Brené Brown - I am a Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ facilitator).

I started my own coaching and training business in 2008, I was a financial coach for three years and prior to that, employed as a researcher and academic for 20+ years. Personally I'm familiar with the challenge of juggling demanding work roles with caring responsibilities (aging parents and now for my learning disabled sister) whilst juggling life and running a business. Whatever you find yourself facing I can help you to explore how to create a dynamic and flexible work-life balance that works for you and your needs.

Some of my previous clients have shared the following:

"It was a pleasure to meet you last week - I really enjoyed the session. Indeed, I have been recommending you to my colleagues non-stop, describing you (if you don't mind) as exactly "the small gin and tonic" I needed! I think you get what I mean - I really did get a lot out of the session." Professor CH

"The coaching session was very helpful, illuminating and positive - it will make a big difference to finding an enjoyable path through my own personal 'forest' of demands and 'to do's'. You listened very attentively to me, and expressed multiple and sometimes complex ideas in ways that I found easy to understand. How utterly refreshing to find a 'woman-centred' approach that opens doors into the depths of harnessing feminine energy and power! I found that you work in a very intuitive and responsive way whilst being thoroughly in command of your tools and technique - and indeed, the time! I enjoyed it immensely and would highly recommend your sessions as a powerful boost to finding ways forward in any area of life." Celia Webb

“For me the time management was probably the best 3 hours training I have ever spent. I came away with really practical solutions that enabled me to go back into the office with a clear plan for change. My day was energised by a sense of focus because rather than the day controlling me, I feel that I have a strategy that enables me to manage my day and get the job done.
For some reason the way you presented the session meant that I remembered the information and it has kept coming to mind to keep me on task.” Mevalyn Cross

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