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  1. Dr Becki Taylor-Smith

Becki supports women in healthcare to find balance so that they can make a difference without compromising on contentment and fulfilment.


Do you want to make a difference? Do you also want to experience contentment and joy? It can be a difficult balance to strike.

You may have a sense of "I don't know what I want, but I don't think it's this" or you may wonder, “How do I move forward and continue to grow without upsetting the balance I already have?”.

You’re not alone.


I'm Becki,  a thoughtful, compassionate introvert with a rebellious streak. I am always looking for ways to grow and make a difference and I know that resonates with so many of the women I help. I believe that when women really connect with their inner strength and values, they lead from a place of empowerment and everybody benefits

As a practicing hospital doctor with over 10 years of experience, I understand that working in healthcare, whilst fulfilling, often involves sacrifice. We can lose parts of ourselves in the process of caring for others and striving for achievement, often leading to burnout. Finding a balance that works for us helps us to show up more authentically at work, improves our relationships and enhances our ability to make a difference - whether that’s supporting or leading.

As a healthcare professional and a leader of national and regional organisations I have been in that place of spinning all of the plates - trying to be the best wife, daughter, friend and colleague whilst striving to make a difference. Coaching helped me to realise that I was burning out and prompted me to really look at how to take care of myself and examine what was really important to me. It was life changing. I decided to train as a One of Many coach so that I could help other women in healthcare to find their balance.

I support women in healthcare to:

  • Re-discover those parts of themselves they thought they had lost and connect with what truly matters to them.
  • Develop sustainable strategies for managing energy.
  • Let go of guilt and procrastination.
  • Learn how to say "no" to the things that don't light them up so that they can say "yes" to the opportunities that truly help them make their difference.
  • Believe in their capabilities and manage imposter syndrome.
  • Learn how to use their natural strengths in the way that they lead.
  • Stop giving their power away to others and take control of their lives.
  • Open up to exciting possibilities they could never have imagined.


Client feedback: “I felt fully supported by Becki…my own goals changed a number of times and I was listened to and felt that Becki's questions helped me to clarify my thoughts and prompted me to take action I may otherwise not have considered. The process was both interesting and challenging and I could not have had better support with it.”

“[Becki] enabled me to think about my orientation/modes of responding to different situations and people. [We] explored learned childhood behaviours/ways of thinking which needed exposing, in order for me to understand the implications these have for me (and have had historically)”

“…the archetypes have been enormously helpful in identifying how my response to situations is amenable to change but requires me to change my worldview and my patterns of thinking. Therefore the power starts within, not something that always requires someone else to do something or for a situation to change. On this basis I see that this has enabled me to be more open minded, receptive and adaptable”


Becki lives with her wife and cat in Worcestershire, is passionate about the environment and can often be found at her allotment enjoying nature or cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the produce to share with friends later over an intimate meal.

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