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Debbie O'Neill
London, United Kingdom SM6

At times life can seem grey, lacking fulfillment and leading to inertia, but I’ve learnt that it’s possible to flood it with colour and shower it in smiles and love. Who are you when you show up in the world? I dare you to dream, to believe in magic, to believe in the unseen. Do you want to be more, do more, impact more? If you do, I can help you to find the start of your path, I can teach you to grow vibrantly and I can nurture your awareness at every step.

I’ve 3 decades of professional experience in senior leadership roles within the travel industry. I’m a visionary leader and whilst I’m routinely introducing policies and procedures with a focus on delivering service excellence, there is nothing I love more than envisioning and bringing life to a project – and that includes people. I’ve a huge passion for people development and this has led me to qualify as an NLP Practitioner and now as a One of many™ coach. I’m incredibly excited to be bringing coaching and the amazing One of many™ tools & techniques to the workplace and I see up to a maximum of 3 private clients at any given time outside of my primary job.

If you need a coach who can see the higher view of you, until you’re ready to take the last few steps to the edge – please get in touch to arrange a discovery call. I dare you to wonder, to courageously embrace change, and harness calm steady power to drive growth and outcomes. There will be tears, laughter and revelations - curiosity is our pathway, fun is our vehicle and wonder is our compass.

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