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Dagmar Hopf
Netherlands Leiden

Many of the international women I work with describe themselves like this:

  • unhappy with how things are at work, lacking joy and meaning
  • struggling with being confident and assertive in a male-dominated work environment
  • dealing with being a hyper-achiever and perfectionist with a high urge for controlling  everything
  • suffering from imposter syndrome and procrastination
  • facing termination of work contract or redundancy
  • requiring learning how to meet your needs
  • desiring to connect with your values, passions, and purpose
  • longing for more self-expression, daring to show your true self
  • seeking more ownership in life, being (back) in the driver’s seat
  • aiming for more impact advancing the causes you care about

Does this sound like you, too?



Because I’m a Transformational Coach and Psychologist holding a safe space for you to:

  • increase your self-awareness
  • open new perspectives and see beyond fears and limiting beliefs
  • understand patterns and put order to chaos
  • feel at peace with yourself
  • gain clarity and confidence
  • create a vision and step into your power
  • take action and move forward
  • make your next career move
  • achieve a profound shift and change towards your true self



Insightful, encouraging, wholeheartedly committed to make your transformation happen. Kind of an eternal idealist. Passionate about empowering women to dare to follow their own path. Great at designing and shaping processes and programmes. Aiming for meaningful, lasting impact for a greater  good. Psychologist. Systemic Coach. Ex-management consultant. And besides work: ongoing self-developer, nature lover, mother, aspiring minimalist, avid reader, and chocolate addict.

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We explore together what precisely you need and how I can help you. With 20 years of experience in the areas of personal and organisational change I trust that working with me will be valuable for you. Contact me now to book your free discovery session!

Work languages: German, English, Dutch

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