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United Kingdom Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7GT

From desperate boredom, to magic, miracles and FUN!

Claire’s coaching draws upon her wealth of experience having successfully transitioned away from a life of stress junkie, a desperately unfulfilled corporate employee as well as away from her toxic relationship with food and her body. In 2016, Claire experienced an incident of near fatal anaphylaxis. This was the wake up call she needed to stop wasting time pretending that everything was ok, when deep down she knew that something had to change.

Introduced to One of Many in early 2017, Claire has been learning and using the One of Many tools and coaching extensively to turn her life around. She is now the happiest and healthiest she has ever been. She loves her body (I mean, really loves it) and takes great joy in her career as a One of Many Certified Women's Coach, now able to share her intricate knowledge of the tools with you together with how they can be best applied to your circumstances in order to reap juicy rewards!  You don't always need a dramatic wake up call to decide to commit to yourself, sometimes you just need to say yes to that inner knowing telling you something's a

Claire’s unique insight and outlook on life will give you a fun new perspective on your situation, highlighting the little gems in life that are hiding in plain sight. Because life isn't supposed to be boring or dreary. Claire can show you how to step away out the bleak, the grey, the monotone and into the joy, the colour, the fun and sparkle!

Claire has always been a great source of comfort and advice for her peers, colleagues and friends.  Now she takes great delight in offering this to you, alongside an abundance of One of Many tools giving you the skills to bring more magic into your everyday, drawing upon your inner knowing and re-introducing you to yourself.

From Claire’s clients:

If you want to feel safe and find a beautiful space to share then Claire provides that in bucket loads - KH, June 2018

[Claire] walks her talk, it’s a guaranteed authentic journey when you travel with her. - SSC, June 2018

 I approached Claire with a toes hesitantly dipped in the water, pretty unsure about entering into the unknown and a little bit scared.  Claire helped me feel safe and at ease very quickly, listened and framed information in a way that was easy to take hold of and some of the imagery that was conjured up in that first session was stunning. Claire has a beautifully paced calm voice and when going through the visualisations, which made it so easy to follow her and gave a wonderful sense of relaxation and peace. Claire pushed just enough for me to take note but not so much so that I still felt held.  This is a subtly powerful process and so empowering in a soft and gentle way.  Claire is a wonderful coach or awesome as she would like to say, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone wishing to explore a little bit further with this and it's fun, lots of fun, and wow is it amazing when you look back at the achievements you've made almost without realising it, until Claire joyfully points them out. Go on - you are worth it - you definitely are! – Anon, July 2018

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