Caroline Steel

  1. Caroline Steel
Ely, United Kingdom CB7 4ER

Caroline has been a doctor for over 25 years, and a GP partner for 17, with an interest in women's health. She's a married mum of two boys. She specialises in helping women reclaim themselves, and fall back in love with their lives. Healthcare is a tough business. It attracts do-gooder achievement junkies, then squeezes every last drop of value it can out of us and throws our dried out husks away - but this is unsustainable (as shown by the worldwide shortage of healthcare workers), unsafe (patient safety suffers when workers are burned out and exhausted) and unnecessary. I empower women in healthcare to

  • rediscover themselves, and their sense of joy.
  • learn how to set and maintain boundaries
  • (re)discover what truly matters to them, and use it as a compass to navigate their career and life
  • recognise, avoid and recover from, burnout
  • make career choices that are aligned with their values (which might include falling back in love with their job - it happened to me!)
  • make that elusive work-life balance a real thing
  • recognise when they are giving their power away and stop doing that
  • rebalance their lives with their own happiness as the guiding principle

You deserve a life you love. You deserve to be the star of your own story. You deserve to feel as awesome as you are.

Caroline specialises in helping women in the public sector who grew up in dysfunctional, chaotic families with emotionally immature parents.

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