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Anna Warrener
England NG9 5HL

Anna works with women who are in a leadership capacity to find clarity in their lives.

We all have barriers that we feel in our work or home life that can cause blockages in our daily lives, activities and thoughts. As a leader this could be anything from working with difficult staff or parents to developing your strategic planning. It could even be the difficulty of balancing home and work life. Working together Anna supports clients in identifying those barriers and finding ways together to support you to overcome them.

Anna has over 28 years in education with the past 17 in a leadership capacity. She understands the demands placed on leaders, particularly within schools, and is dedicated in supporting individuals to be the best they can be. She has led schools in challenging situations and has also supported a variety of clients both in and out of the school setting to find clarity in their role, their decisions and their future.

Anna has spent many years in pursuing her ambitions and holds a Masters in Educational Leadership, a National Professional Qualification for Headteachers, Certificate in the Role of Mental Health Lead as well as numerous training modules around moderation, observation, coaching and mentoring in school. She has led Safeguarding training within a range of schools with her Train the Trainer qualification.

Anna has led an interesting and, at times, very challenging life. She has taught in primary schools across the country, led failing schools and developed staff teams to be resilient enabling rapid change for the benefits of pupils. She has overcome sudden bereavement of her spouse, break up of relationships, single parent life and work-place stress and ultimately burn out.

With her knowledge and experience Anna is able to support and inspire clients to achieve their aims and find a path through uncertain times. She has experience of strategic and performance development across the team and is experienced in change management across school teams. She has developed culture changes and supported staff effectively with restructure of staff and the implications on personnel.

Anna has been a Certified One of Many Coach since 2020 and has used this to further develop her understanding and capabilities within coaching. She has a commitment to working with her clients in their roles to define boundaries, support development and ultimately achieve their personal and professional targets.

'Before I started my coaching with Anna I was frustrated, and I felt like I was drowning with no clear direction of where I was going.

Anna helped me, help myself, to recognise why I was feeling the way I was, and enabled the fog to clear to see the direction I wanted to head. The tools and exercises we used were not time consuming or a chore, they were instrumental in me being able to recognise my areas of strength and the areas I needed to improve. The whole process has strengthened me as a woman and a human being.' - JW client

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