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Andreia is passionate about enabling people to become their healthiest, happiest selves, with less push and effort.

After going herself through a deep self-development and discovery journey over the past years, she is ready to share her learnings, to help women tap into their authentic and confident selves, fighting the feeling of overwhelm and winning in front of their inner critic.

Andreia has been working in the corporate environment for the past 20 years, ballancing a successful career with being the mom of an amazing boy. She used to enjoy living a life with increased adrenaline, always busy, always on the move. Her continuous drive to achieve, do it all and please others came at a price which later proved to be one of her biggest rewards. Some 8 years ago, after a long period of operating from Superwomen, life asked her to suddenly slow down. On the brink of burnout, Andreia experienced a number of upsetting and worrying symptoms, went through a series of investigations, all saying there’s nothing serious, except maybe anxiety. This was a very alarming moment for her, but also one of the most amazing gifts she has ever received.

This is how she came into coaching, discovering who the woman inside her actually was, unleashing her potential day by day, while also working on being the mother and partner she wanted to be. She was lucky enough to discover two outstanding programmes, one from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and One of Many, both offering amazing tools for transformation. Everything about her life has transformed after completing these two certifications, and as she learned to love and take care of herself again, she felt the calling to take this forward, to teach and help others do the same.

Andreia is a strong believer in bio-individuality and builds tailored programmes mixing the tools that will help women tap into their soft power and operate from a beautiful and powerful feminine energy. This type of energy is actually a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to one. She can help you explore how nutrition plays a pivotal role in overall wellness, stress management, hormonal balance and adrenal health, while also focusing on the areas of life that feed the soul, such as having a fulfilling career,  vibrant positive relationships and  healthy boundaries; to the overall goal of rediscovering joy and purpose in life.

Andreia will develop a tailored coaching programme that is unique for your needs, to help you transform the areas of your life where you’d like to see change, to (re)discover what excites and inspires you to live a life you love and become your healthiest happiest self. By the end of the programme you can expect a profound shift in how you approach everything in life and significant results in the area(s) of focus.

‘Before working with Andreia, my life was a lot more hectic and disorganised, marked with endless postponement of the things I cared about but did not have time to do (or better, I thought I did not have the time, as the coaching course provided some very useful tools). During the time we spent together, I have reached my goal to focus on my health and well-being and have an increased self-confidence. Overall, the coaching experience helped me overcome some of my insecurities and build a healthy commitment to reach my goals on the long term, rather than just pursue short term gains that can be easily lost. What I loved about Andreia's style is that she knows how to show flexibility, but not lose sight of the commitment needed to go through the whole process in order to make it effective. I highly recommend Andreia, not only for the high value that she can extract from this program, but also for her interpersonal skills and warmth, which were a real differentiator compared with other coaching programs I attended’, Oana G., Head of Media Relations to a global energy company, mother of 2 kids, 1 cat and 1 dog, avid reader and traveller.

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