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Do you want to be the cheerleader of your own change?  My coaching helps women in their menopausal years (pre and post) to embrace a feminine wise-woman model of leadership, growth and soft power in their life, and to accept and celebrate what they bring to themselves and their communities.  And to find (or rediscover) joy and purpose in the everyday.  Through coaching, the conflicts and big questions surfaced by peri and post menopausal turbulence can become your most powerful narrative and natural compass.  I am so excited by the greater openness we are seeing around the menopause and the positive aspects of stepping into authenticity and wisdom that sit alongside the (often hugely challenging) physiological and emotional changes.  This is OUR time of life.  A time to be, and to become. To shed the expectations of others.  Are you ready?  For change that embraces opportunity and equality and moves us all towards a fairer, more sustainable and more connected society, with you at the helm.  I'd love to work with you on your journey back to you. I can't promise it will be easy, but as someone who has journeyed through these changes for 10+ years, I can promise you that it will change the way you look at life and open you up to a whole world of possibility, friendship and laughter.  If you want deeper knowledge of what truly fires you, and support to tackle what life throws your way with grace, humour and quite possibly a little profanity, then my coaching is for you.

So, who am I?  A fellow menopausal traveller, and work in progress.  A mum to two very individual (and quite loud) boys.  Full of gratitude for my friends and my community.  A nature lover.  A walker. A coach.  A colleague and manager.  As a One of Many certified coach,  I offer menopause coaching to colleagues, and work with private clients and Fountains Menopause retreats on their psychotherapy and coaching sessions.

More historically, I graduated as a historian from Oxford University in 1990, spent a few years drifting between part time roles with a bit of travel, but mostly mucking about, then settled as an e-learning specialist for 25 years, working with government agencies on national cross-agency projects, and with schools and Universities on their approaches to technology enhanced learning. These days, I prefer building collaborative learning communities and being a bit of a data ninja; arguing the case for disaggregated data on the impact of technology, particularly across genders and shouting quite a bit about unconscious bias in algorithms.  Which is odd, because I really prefer a walk in the countryside to technology.

Mostly, I am enjoying becoming.  And being happy being me, for the first time in my life.  Menopause can be the making of us. Let's celebrate the journey together.

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