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Kelly is a lover of the outdoors, a regular paddle boarder and more recently a sea dipper! She’s been a working single mother who suffered from burnout at an early age and who has worked in a number of male dominated industries. After a 25+ year career in HR, Kelly trained as a One of Many coach during the pandemic and has now left behind her senior corporate career to support and empower other women to make the changes they need, so they too can leap for what they want. Kelly is passionate about wellbeing, positive psychology and helps her clients find their brave, bringing in fun and laughter into each journey of self-(re)discovery. Here’s what a couple of her clients have said after working with Kelly… "Kelly provided a wonderful coaching experience for me; allowing me to go deep in my thinking and creating a safe space for me to explore new ways of thinking. Kelly is incredibly skilful in her ability to question and probe whilst balancing the need to allow my own thoughts to develop; she picks up on nuances and subtle things that I would not give a second thought to but which have proven valuable to explore. I would highly recommend Kelly as a Coach; I felt safe, supported and warmly challenged during our time together which has definitely provided me a platform from which to grow and I feel equipped to support myself moving forward…….”RG   “Before I started my 12-week coaching programme with Kelly, life was pretty stressful. I was focused on my job & family & not taking any time out for myself. As a result of this coaching Kelly helped me find my inner confidence and finally, after 5 years, go to the Dr’s about my menopause symptoms and get help. Taking time to really think about myself, and using the journaling tools, really made me aware of how I was actually feeling and made me realise how much I needed to sort things out and make time for me. My advice to someone who is thinking of a 12 -week coaching programme with Kelly is JUST DO IT!! It’s not often that you can take time out to just focus on yourself and the rewards are invaluable. Kelly is great at putting you at ease and making sure that you get the most out of your programme with her…..” AW   Ways in which Kelly can work with you… 121 coaching – personalised 121 programmes for you which can be held in person or virtually. 1 day VIP coaching day – one day in person workshop where you will explore a variety of topics relevant to the challenges you face or the changes you wish to make. Returners programme – supporting those returning back to the workplace after extended periods of absence, providing coaching, tools and resources enabling a positive transition back to work and thereafter.   Feel free to connect with Kelly to find out more about how she can support you at [email protected]

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