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Emily Jacob
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Emily Jacob is the founder of ReConnected Life, which provides coaching, and community, for survivors of rape. A survivor herself, Emily is using her skills, knowledge and experience to help women move forward from living one day at a time, and guiding them to their ReConnected Life.

It is not good enough that we are expected to just get on with life, and fashion our own recovery; now that Emily has discovered the key ingredients required to live a full and whole life, she is passionate about sharing and helping guide other survivors to their recovery too. The ReConnected Life Healing Pathways provide the route-map for all, regardless of whether you are in the 'Survive', 'Live', or 'Thrive' phases of recovery.

Emily’s one-to-one coaching programmes, the ReConnected Life Experience, and ReConnected Power, focus on the 'Live' and 'Thrive' phases of recovery. Clients have commented that one 90-minute session was more valuable than 2 years with a therapist. The knowledge that lives are being changed so profoundly for the better gives Emily the utmost joy in being able to set lives free from the shackles of what was done to them.

“Emily is an excellent coach who is gently challenging so I don’t stay stuck in my thinking. Whilst at the same time making me feel safe about sharing anything I am thinking or feeling without feeling silly. The tools she has given me help me feel confident to handle any situation. I would highly recommend Emily’s programme to anyone who has suffered a trauma.”

ReConnected Power uniquely adapts the One of Many programme especially for survivors who are ready to step into their power and thrive. Rape and past trauma can take a deep hold on us. We cope, we learn how to make do. We build our lives, and the years pass by. And yet. It still has a hold. A grip that is slowing us down. On the surface everything is sorted. Wouldn’t it be great for that to be true, inside?

ReConnected Power is for you if you’re ready to step into the next phase of your healing, to reconnect on a deeper level into your body, and your soul, and to learn how to harness the power within you to create the life that’s congruent to the core of you. Say goodbye to overwhelm, juggling balls, and hello to flow, and ease, and fruitfulness.

Other support provided by Emily focuses on the 'Survive' phase of recovery, and includes the ReConnected Life community group through which survivors are able to find solace & support in solidarity. Her Taste of Recovery programme is being offered under license to service users contacting RSVP, the Rape & Sexual Violence Project in Birmingham & Solihull and is available to licence by other organisations too, as well as to private individuals.

Emily is also a fierce advocate of survivors and is using her voice to break the silence on issues relating to both recovery, and societal attitudes & myths. She is the author of Desperately Hopeful, a collection of blogs from her years of recovery, and editor of a collection of stories from the survivors in the ReConnected Life Community on their experiences of reporting (or not) to the police: ‘To Report or Not To Report: Survivor Testimony of the (In)Justice System’. Emily is a powerful speaker on behalf of survivors, and has been proud to speak at Reclaim the Night and Who Will Hear My Cry, amongst others. She has been featured in the Telegraph, Stylist, Metro, Huffington Post, Glamour Online, Psychologies Life Labs, and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live, Channel 5 News as well as featuring in a series of videos for the Independent. She is most proud of her involvement in the BAFTA-nominated Channel 5 documentary RAPED: My Story.

Emily is using her own teachings to help her through her new health diagnosis of MS (multiple sclerosis). Working on a mission-focused business can be all-consuming, so to stay sane she also runs a marketing consultancy business, Curious Decisions. She watches too much Netflix, and is loving her new home in Oxford.

Emily works 1-2-1 via Skype or Zoom (or the traditional telephone too). Her coaching programmes are designed for 3 months’ duration.

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