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Carol Cooper Chapman
United Kingdom RG28 7EJ

My coaching is to support professional women reclaim balance in their lives in order to become their best selves and flourish

I believe that our world is losing a massive amount of talent and good ideas because so many intelligent women are just so stressed and tired trying to keep up with day-to-day life. That talent and those good ideas, being what are needed if we are going to turn around issues like climate change, over-consumption and the massive health challenges that are overloading our health services.
Hence, my passion is to help stressed, tired women to regain their joie de vivre. So they can start to reclaim their interests, and passions, and make their unique difference – in order for us to leave the legacy of a better world for our children and grandchildren; and be wonderful role models for them.
My experience, and that of so many women I have met or worked with, is that we so busy trying hard at work; often whilst caring for others outside of work (children, aging parents, mentally or physically ill significant others; or a combination of those) that we are exhausting our selves.
We have all heard about "putting on your oxygen mask first" and know the importance of sleep, good nutrition, exercise, etc. However, working out how to implement these in an unremittingly busy life is the challenge.
I bring my experience, from my personal journey, but also as a One of Many™ Certified Women's Coach and Psychologist into supporting women centre on what is important to them. Empowering them firstly to bring themselves to balanced well-being (calm and confident); and then find their vision, passion and purpose in order to step into a more joyful life where they can truly flourish. 
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