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Scotland EH26

Vickie has worked in a corporate environment for over 30 years. She has 2 girls 21 & 24 and lives with her Partner, youngest daughter and two beautiful cats on the outskirts of Edinburgh. When she discovered coaching she was stuck in a traffic jam that offered no clear exits and she realised that had lost the ability to dream. Coaching reignited the spark to allow a reconnection to her authentic self which had got lost in the noise of the world. She now spends more time in nature, more time in flow and more time enjoying the simplicity that life can offer when you slow down. Movement has played a huge part in her personal healing journey and she brings a somatic element to her coaching reconnecting the mind, body, spirit and the heart.

Have you forgotten what it feels like to breathe without constraint? Does your life move with flow or feel like there are obstacles everywhere you turn? What would you like to be experiencing every day? Vickie’s clients say: “My work has been revolutionised. Vickie has got me into a far more sustainable routine. She's got me embodying my queen and delegating and managing my workload. I am far far happier, more time and energy when I get home. Far far fewer melt downs. Even having time for a short walk at lunchtime and recognising unless I prioritise my needs first and no good to anyone. Having the stability is giving me time and space to explore some hobbies” “I am so much happier. I have noticed that I was quite a perfectionist in the past. Something I hadn't really recognised before. My perfectionist self had become a limiting belief where I wouldn't even try something because I couldn't stand the idea of it going wrong, ending up with a mess feeling like a weight on my shoulders. That has largely gone. I really struggled at school when young and forgiving myself for not being perfect, allowing myself to be myself. Not having this ridiculous drive to live up to mine and the people around me expectations has been liberating. It has broken the cycle of excessive work resulting in a crash” “It will be revolutionary; you might not feel like things are changing but keep at it and all of a sudden you will turn into a butterfly without realising it”.

If you are stuck where you are or believe that you are nowhere near the potential you have inside, get in touch and we can look at the area of your life that if you were experiencing different results would enhance the experience you are having day to day. The wonderful thing about coaching is no matter what area you choose it will permeate and create a ripple for everyone around you. I like to call it the mycelium effect where small changes can help everything else thrive.

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