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United Kingdom Thorpe Bay
Hi, I'm Steph!

I'm a women's coach with a background in Psychology and Positive Psychology. I believe there is more for you in this life and I know you're here because you believe that too.

I created 'Her Journey' because guiding women in how to live a meaningful, valuable and beautiful life is my passion.

I have felt 'called' to this most recent chapter to work with women only as I have a particular interest and heart for specific issues that crop up for women and womanhood on the whole.

With a strong belief that our value systems start forming from very early on in life, I am also a certified perinatal mental health practitioner. Our next generation relies on us to steward them well.

So, with a blend of Psychology theory and application, Coaching practice and methodologies plus Counseling skills and ethics, the modalities I offer bring us to deep and effective work in a confidential and non-judgmental space.

On a day to day level I work in my local community as well as offering myself as a present mum to my 8-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl. A healthy and positive family life for ALL involved is where I am currently putting what it means to live a meaningful and valued life to the test!

I know I have certainly found myself in all the above moments! The big questions I have the honour of asking people are questions I have had to ask myself and continue to do so in order to keep my life on track. I have found it so effective and is why I look forward to working together with as many women as I can so others can do the same too.

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