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“Before: Overwhelmed, under-appreciated, frustrated and pissed off. After: In control, confident, optimistic, HAPPY. This is all thanks to Sara and her wonderful coaching. She is clear and eloquent, insightful and sympathetic, professional and funny. Quite the combination. She has an incredible ability to ask just the right questions in order for you to find your own answers and solutions. The programme is relevant and empowering - and goes way beyond the theoretical, to genuinely engender lasting change in every area of your life. I loved every minute of it and would not hesitate to recommend Sara. Especially if you think you don't want coaching. You do. And you want her to do it.” (Jacqueline Hewer, Creative Director, Brown Bob Productions)

Sara is one of the One of Many in-house coaches and a certified One of Many trainer.

As a coach, she mainly works with social entrepreneurs, charity leaders and camapigners looking to change the world without burning out. Sara's mission is to help you to get clarity on the life, the career and the change that YOU want to create and then support you as you clamber over the obstacles to get to where you want to be.

Sara wasn’t always a coach and her work-life is still split between coaching and her two businesses. Sara has spent 25 years in in the corporate world. During that time she sat on the Board of one of the world’s largest PR agencies; advised FTSE 100 companies, global brands and international NGOs and co-founded a communications agency. Her company, Pagefield went on to be one of the fastest growing and most successful communications agencies in London and is now a multi-million pound business.

After 25 years of doing what everyone expected her to do, Sara took a leap into what she calls her 'real life’. In addition to retraining as a coach, Sara has now set up another business - Actually - to support changemakers and visionaries in their quest to change the world.

Sara's approach is based on authenticity, clarity and experience. She helps her clients to achieve outstanding results because she is completely honest with them; she helps them to get massive clarity; and she knows what it takes to come through adversity because she has done it herself. She has been, if not exactly where you are right now, then probably quite nearby.

In addition to being a One of Many Certified Coach, Sara is an accredited Mastercoach. A trained massage therapist. A Reiki healer. A serial entrepreneur. And a great cook!

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