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Sam offers coaching primarily for women suffering with (diagnosed or suspected) Endometriosis

Diagnosed in her early 20s with endometriosis and given the tales of woe associated with the disease (fertility issues-“although do try and get pregnant as soon as possible as that might ‘cure’ it”, chronic pain-“not much we can do but keep giving stronger and stronger painkillers”, multiple operations-“that only give temporary relief” & eventually “you will have a full hysterectomy well before your 40s”), there was a time this disease controlled and dominated all aspects of her life

Until, a chance mix of One of many tools and a specialised diet changed everything. No more pain, no more operations, no trouble getting pregnant and no hysterectomy lined up as yet. Sam began to wonder whether it was all a stroke of luck or whether there was more to it. Turned out to be the latter.

As a One of many coach & trainer, Sam offers support and understanding around the condition, drawing from her own experience and that of her clients. She supports endo sufferers to work with (& even befriend) their cycles to remove the blocks in order to bring about less pain and much more joy!

She knows that at the heart of endometriosis is our menstrual cycles and that it is those cycles that are our source of power, not our drain on it. When you apply the right mix of tools & diet to where you are on that cycle, rather than applying one sticking plaster to it everyday as though it is the same as all the others, the possibilities you can open up are quite remarkable!

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