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  1. Peggy Cheyo
United Kingdom MK3 7NY

Become more YOU!

Peggy at Mothercalm helps busy mothers to reconnect with who they are and get excited about their lives again.

She can help you to become more you so you can be the woman and mother you want to be and create the life you want.
Testimonials of women who worked with Peggy recently:
"I took part in a 12 week One of Many program with Peggy as my coach. The interactions came at a point during last year when I was coping with a lot in both my personal and professional life. I was low in energy, with very changing moods and feeling lost. I originally said yes to the coaching to unlock my work, but when we started it morphed into trying to simply find joy again. The biggest impact has been in giving my previously racing mind total peace. I am certain that the outcome is also down to Peggy's skilled approach in listening and open questioning. So jump right in!" - M
"After multiple lockdowns and after I went back to work after maternity leave, I was struggling with my sense of self. My role as a mum had taken over and I was struggling to make my partner, friend, and co-worker roles fit into my new life. 
Peggy really helped me reprioritise what is important to me and what to focus my time and energy on to make space for what I valued most. I would really recommend to go through this process especially if you want changes in your life as you feel stuck in a rut, but do not know where to start." - N
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