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Paola Cringle
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Paola works with women who’ve lost themselves to the overwhelm of juggling work, family, and commitments. Helping them to redress the balance so they can confidently feature in their world again, without guilt, and finally get that satisfaction out of life!

Paola understands what it’s like to be enthusiastic about life and the future, having your ideal, fulfilling life mapped out and then hitting the reality of living life as a ‘grown-up’. The reality of juggling work, family, commitments and responsibilities. Garnish with a sprinkling of perfectionism and there you have it…overwhelm!

With finite time and all her energy and focus spent on these other areas of her life, Paola lost sight of herself, her needs and her dreams. Over time, her true identity, purpose and knowing what made her feel alive, faded beneath the many hats she wore and the labels she took on.

The turning point came when she realised the only person who could answer her internal shouts of ‘Hello, I’m here too. What about me?!’ was herself.

Paola now supports women who find themselves in a similar position, constantly giving to all these other areas of their lives. Helping them to deal with the overwhelm, low confidence, self-doubt, guilt and inner conflict and step back into the person who was once so enthusiastic about life.

Clients are saying:-

Paola, I wanted to say an honest thank you for the coaching, and your investment of time and care throughout the 12 weeks. I have seen a genuine impact on my behaviours, confidence and clarity towards long-term goals and values in life. Thank you!’          Rebecca, healthcare worker

‘Coaching has taken me from feeling so overwhelmed, stressed and volatile to being calmer, more consistent and content!  Coaching helped me to let go of my self-doubt and trust myself and my abilities. It feels amazing to be able to make decisions with confidence.' Roxanne

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