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  1. Michelle Hall
London, United Kingdom TW2 5EH

I empower women to earn more but do less.

As my career progressed, the landscape around me changed. I went from being surrounded by women to frequently being the only woman in the room. This was exacerbated at some data networking events - sometimes you could count the number of women on one hand. My experience was often questioned and assumptions made about my level of seniority. Attempts to break the status quo by advocating for diversity, the provision of suitable development for future leaders, and testing different approaches to problem solving were often overlooked. I was frequently the first in and the last out driven by a relentless need to prove that I belonged. I was always asked to coach or mentor more junior female staff members when they required support - which I found immensely rewarding.

Completing a business degree in Human Resource Management and Communication in the 1990s first sparked my interest in how people work, communicate with each other, and what motivates them. Those skills became invaluable as I led teams of people to solve complex business problems with data and digital focused solutions, developed relationships and navigated challenging stakeholder dynamics.

Following a career of over 25 years spanning Australia and the UK, I redirected my career to focus on career and leadership coaching. I’m passionate about supporting women to realise their ambitions to have fulfilling careers and joyful lives. I fundamentally believe there is so much untapped potential in women in the data and digital industries, but we need a different type of support to progress our careers. Traditional leadership and training programmes don’t address all the challenges that many of us face. As a certified One of many women’s Coach and Trainer, my focus is to empower women to develop their self-assurance to overcome imposter syndrome, recognise their unique strengths and power, and equip them to confidently design their careers.

I am a devoted wife, enthusiastic dog-mum, big-hearted step-mum and aunty, and supportive friend. I’m calm in a crisis, quick to laugh and have a gift for bringing out the best in people. In my spare time I enjoy long walks by the sea, reading a good book, yoga and stand-up paddleboarding.

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