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Let's debunk the myth that sensitive leadership means weak leadership. It does not. It means in-touch, compassionate, thoughtful, collaborative, imaginative, responsive, sustainable, realistic intuitive and intelligent leadership. Is it easy to be a sensitive leader in today's world? No. Is it possible? Yes.

Are you on a roller-coaster of almost breaking and not-quite healing? Holding it together by the sheer power of your will? Struggling to make a real difference in the world and worrying that every step up is a step away from the change-maker you dreamt you would be? I know that roller-coaster. The highs of leading committed, creative teams at 2 top universities. The lows of burnout – twice. The joys of authorship and running my own soulful and spirit-led business.  The pressure of being the main bread winner and a present, participating mum. The challenges of navigating disability and neurodiversity in a competitive academic environment. The confusion of being a magical-being in a world that didn't get me. Finally, the decision to get off the ride and get the support I needed to re-make myself, my life and my career the way I knew deep inside it was meant to be.

I am a One Of Many certified coach and trainer and a highly sensitive leader with a 25-year career in higher education behind me. 15%-20% of humans share traits that make them highly sensitive – and it turns out we make exceptional leaders when supported correctly. I run 2 successful businesses supporting ambitious & sensitive leaders and spirit-led entrepreneurs in soul care and career growth. My clients come from across the world, some from large universities, some running their own spirit-led businesses. I provide transformational coaching and programmes helping them become the purposeful and sensitive leaders the world needs. You can find me in my free and private group Sensitive Leadership Secrets or on my website for soul workers seeking deep connection to the ancestral traditions of  northern European

For organisations seeking to foster more sensitive leadership I offer talks and trainings on burnout prevention, building sensitive leadership strengths and supporting performance excellence in highly sensitive professionals.

Maggie held a space that was warm, insightful and encouraging, which led to a deep and wide exploration of my career goals, and a clearer understanding of how my work fits into my life, and of how all the aspects of my life support each other and work together.  My enjoyment and satisfaction in my work is hugely enriched, and I feel a greater sense of balance, and clarity about where I'm heading with a solid plan to get there.  ~ Helen M, UK

Maggie Rose Cunningham is my magical door opener. Her talents not only extend to the esoteric, but her genuine warmth and acceptance is embraced and celebrated. ~ Workshop participant

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