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I serve women who are unable to decide whether to give up on their relationship (that is ‘go it alone’) or give it another go, by supporting them to rediscover what is important in the relationship; to be able to have conversations at challenging times; in how to reignite the love and passion to another level; and to begin to appreciate, again, the moments of splendour in their relationship and with their family; therefore being able to make a better decision at this time. A decision on their terms, which will not only impact their lives but also make a difference to the relationships of their children.

Louise has had an enormously varied life, having survived and overcome bereavement, family break-up, parental divorces and the integration with a new family leading to vulnerability and being easily influenced by others, shaping her years until leaving home. In addition, further personal and professional dislocation felt like she was leading two lives for many years after.

With her own anger and pain, it became easier to immerse herself in work and she was happiest when supporting others, even strangers. Yet was having difficulty committing to a loving relationship with a partner.

Since 2003, the unravelling of what had happened began to take shape. Removing the comfort blanket, taking bold steps to learn and do new things; having opportunities to meet people with different perspectives; Discovering that no matter how bad things may appear, something positive can always be done, that will change the meaning and outcome of any situation.

She has studied Strategic Intervention and Coaching, Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention, Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, One of many Women's Coach Certification in 2018. With that and her own experiences, in all areas of her life, she has discovered and developed many tools and strategies that have supported her and her clients.

In the past 10 years it has become more and more apparent that how we communicate to each other can create great relationships and also be the cause of pain and unhappiness.

Her work now focuses on intimate relationships, helping singles and couples to create the ‘Uncommon Love’, the unique relationships between you and your partner, that we all long for.

Her expertise encourages the people she meets to understand the dynamics from the initial attraction through the various stages of the relationship and its challenges. By knowing how to understand, support and love each other throughout, maintaining the love, passion and commitment to one another; and avoiding unnecessary animosity or separation / divorce. And although she accepts that some relationships come to a end, she also will support couples reach a more amicable termination and lessen the overall impact on themselves and the children, and to move on with confidence.

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