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  1. Laura Ridout
Bridgwater, United Kingdom TA6 7HU

I help aspiring women to fulfil their potential from a place of elegance, abundance and power.

I remember when I was made redundant at age 56, how I felt undervalued, not wanted, not good enough and dare I say it….too old.

I felt disempowered.

After a few months, I realised that none of this was helping me.

So I decided to get some help. I began to change my beliefs about myself. I spent some time considering what I really wanted to do next in my life.

I felt my power returning and with that my energy.

Now I help women do exactly this.

I will help you to break free from the beliefs that are holding you back so that you can create choice and freedom in your life.

Following coaching with me you will:
Break the habit of holding yourself back and keeping safe.
Notice when you're over-giving, over-pleasing and self-sacrificing and know how to switch that around.
Empowered to ask for what you want and fulfill your potential
Find your true soul-centred purpose

I will be your coach. Here to listen, to guide, to challenge and support you.
I use techniques that have been designed by women for women.

It's time to check in with your inner wisdom, your intuition and to get your power back.

I invite you to take a look at my offers using the link provided. Here's what some of my clients have said about my Elegantly Empowered 1:1 coaching programme. There are more testimonials on the link.

'Having explored various methods of self work - including more traditional therapies such as CBT - I found that I had not yet been able to connect to a way of working. As someone who is very open to self exploration, and very much in touch with my feelings and my body, I found that the usual ways simply did not allow me to really work on the issues that had accompanied my life for so long. I wanted to work with someone who explored different paths, who adapted their work to my needs and who could uncover things from the depths that I didn’t really know myself. Working with Laura has been a revelation. I immediately felt I had a connection with her, and that I could trust and be open with her in the way I had wanted to for a long time. She is a calm and encouraging presence, with a deep empathy and compassion that shines through. Her knowledge and experience allow her to pick up on things that even I did not realise were getting in the way, but also to celebrate things that I had perhaps pushed down and not acknowledged. The change I have felt in the time I have worked with her has been quite remarkable, though I don’t know if I can accurately put it in to words. However, I can say that I now celebrate each day and I am able to look at myself with more love, compassion and respect each and every day. For this I am eternally grateful. I can’t wait to continue to work further with Laura, and encourage anyone who may be curious to consider it too.'

Hannah Liisa-Kirchin

'Laura has a glorious, loving, caring, joyful energy, I found it so inspiring. I loved the way Laura described and played out the archetypes, it really resonated with me. The programme was very powerful along with Laura's coaching. I have been on a wonderous self discovery journey. I have explored, embodied and learnt new tools/tactics to change up my thought processes and step into my power, my gifts. When pondering questions or situations I can think and feel which energy may help me most in that moment. I have finished the programme with a sense of direction and purpose. I feel calm, centred, and stronger.'

Candie Johnson

If you'd like to know more about my Elegantly Empowered 1:1 Coaching Programme then please email me or book a Discovery call for an informal chat.

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