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Do you care deeply about the future of the planet and its effect on your family? Is life so busy that change feels impossible? Kath helps busy mums like you to create a life that feels sustainable for YOU and for the planet.

Kath spent 15 years as an academic researcher in wildlife conservation. She was progressing along the academic track and “making a contribution” to the future of the planet. On the face of it she had everything – a lovely family, a nice house, a worthwhile career – but she was frantic and miserable and burning out fast.

Despite the ecological focus of Kath’s work, the reality of her lifestyle was completely unsustainable. She was running around, meeting everyone else’s needs with no time for herself. Looking for ways to streamline life, be more efficient. Overwhelmed with the challenges of being a busy, professional mum.

Through coaching, Kath realised that her life was out of line with her values. That started a journey that took her off the academic career path and into a phase of following her heart and intuition – quite a challenge for a scientist!

As a certified One of Many coach, Kath works with mums who hope for a greener, safer future for their children and every generation to come. As mums, we know that our lifestyle now is our children’s legacy and that what we model is what they aspire to. Kath believes that when women connect with what they truly need to make them happy and live in line with their values, their families and the planet benefit.

“My key challenge was establishing a work-life balance that enabled me to be less stressed and more present. Kath has been an excellent coach – I never felt inhibited in talking about sometimes really quite personal things and I really feel like I achieved everything I had hoped to through the time together.”

“The coaching process helped me to identify what my values and needs actually are, which was really enlightening. I now know what I need time for, and I have plenty of it. I no longer spend my weekends feeling frustrated because I can’t do anything, guilty for doing things instead of spending it with my family, and all around dissatisfied. It’s freed up my head space to think long term and feel more in control of my own life.”

“The coaching had a positive impact on my family, my partnership, my work, my relationships and most importantly myself. Kath has been a great coach. I trusted her from the first minute we spoke, and I felt she fully grasped my challenges. The coaching felt very bespoke. I would recommend it to every woman”

“I would really recommend both the One of Many approach and Kath as a coach, particularly to any other Nature lovers, those trying to balance a demanding job and home life, and those considering change. Thanks Kath.”

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