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Working across a variety of education settings in both leadership and advisory roles, Joanne has lived the daily demands on female leaders as they prioritise their time. She combines her experience of programme development, training and coaching, to support overworking professional women to manage their energy and master their mindset with her BeMoreQueen coaching programmes and 1:1 coaching.

With an specialism in addiction to overworking, Joanne truly understands the drive to give 100% of yourself to your role, with no energy or time left for yourself or your family. She works with women who realise this pace is unsustainable; who are on the edge of burnout and experiencing physical symptoms of daily stress; who have less and less clarity and confidence to lead. Her BeMoreQueen tools help professional women reclaim much needed space and enjoy greater success in their careers.

Women who work with Joanne learn to:
- Firmly set boundaries with themselves and others
- Recognise when to stop and how replenish
- Purposely manage their energy so they have some left at the end of the day
- Stop over-preparing
- Stop feeling guilty and prioritise themselves
- Feel confident making decisions and delegating
- Believe they are the best person to lead their team
- Find clarity and motivation around their next career steps.

“Jo has empowered me, up-skilled me, motivated me, guided me, supported me and held me to account - while at the same time giving me permission and room to be kind and forgiving to myself. I did not expect to make as much progress as quickly as I have.” Fiona, National Charity Director.

You can contact Joanne via her email, telephone or website to discuss how to make a change.

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