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I work with values-driven women leaders to make the greatest difference in their career and personal fulfilment through understanding the power of their unique, authentic personal presence. That's often the career-defining moments of interviews and presentations. And after that, you get the opportunity to make the greatest impact by extending those skills into everyday life and work. I work with bright, focused women who have had enough of hiding their real selves and motivations. Instead, they want to take their career further by doing the work where they can show up as themselves.

I started my career as a journalist, and at just 26 I was appointed editor of a prestigious international classical music magazine. As well as growing circulation to record levels, I learnt fast about the power of personal impact in a noisy, non-stop world.
An MBA led to a career as a publisher of multi-million pound UK magazines, including Country Life and Horse & Hound, with positions up to board level in some of the UK's largest publishing companies.

Since then I've coached and trained leaders in the NHS and Civil Service, media, energy and consultancy companies, universities, charities, think-tanks and start-ups, as well as therapists, coaches, writers, musicians and educators. As a trainer and facilitator, I've been brought in by organisations including Newsquest, the British Council and The School for Creative Start-ups to support talented, creative leaders. How understanding your personal presence transforms your world  Understanding your personal presence means you can show up as yourself. It means presenting your real strengths while owning your vulnerabilities. It means being able to face any panel or presentation with gravitas and conviction. And it frees you from situations that clip your wings, silence your voice or force you into stressed, stressful and unhelpful reactions. It also supports you to set and achieve the goals that are important to you, and manage them without the self-doubt, overwhelm or the burnout that so easily sets in otherwise. Here's what my client Judith Webster says about her work with me: Nearly 10 years into my role as a CEO, and gasping my way through the pandemic, I was grateful to have a safe space with someone outside the organisation who offered a new and very creative approach to mentoring and was particularly empathetic to women. I was surprised at the impact of some very simple tools which enabled me to reconnect with my natural abilities, strengths and ‘special powers’. They had never gone away, but seemed to have been buried under the weight and responsibility of the job in hand. I can access once again the elements of my personal toolkit which got me to where I am now. This is an incredible confidence boost, and facilitates authentic leadership rather than learned behaviours. Judith Webster, CEO Rachel came to me before a career-defining interview: Joanna gave me a brilliant coaching session ahead of an important job interview. She really teased out what issues I was concerned about, and helped me to offer my authentic self confidently rather than feeling the need to tick others' boxes (or my perceptions of those). I was successful in the interview and would very much recommend Joanna to anyone. Rachel Solomon Williams, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group Is this you?

  • You have an interview or presentation coming up that you're determined to nail
  • You've had enough of fitting into someone else's idea of leadership, just because you're good at it
  • You're ready to make a greater difference for good in your career, without compromising your own values or well-being

If so, get in touch, and we'll set up a time to see if we're a good fit for each other.

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