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Jennifer Page
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Jen is a business owner, a gymnast and aerialist, a pizza lover and cat fanatic but most importantly: a coach and leader. She founded and leads the highly successful Affinity Academy; an innovative company in the sports industry and is an advocate for doing things differently. Believing that there’s always a Secret Option solution to any issue, she’s awesome at seeing the skills and abilities in everyone and championing each person’s individualities. Through coaching gymnastics and her team, Jen’s passion has always been to coach people to discover their awesomeness. She loves how coaching each individual is different and is brilliant at solving the coaching ‘puzzle’ – knowing what one small tip or exercise will transform a skill completely for a gymnast and create a huge life shift when working with people in the personal development arena. Having been on her own journey of personal and business development, she knows that mindset is super important but that you also need to know what to do with it! As an experienced business owner, expert problem solver and ideas-brainstormer Jen blends these skills with the mindset support to help you proactively move forward to whatever you desire. Get involved with the magic!

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