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United Kingdom BH7 6NS

Are you a swan?  Someone looking in sees you with a good job, a nice house, lovely family and thinks you’ve got it all sorted, paddling serenely along the river of life.  But under the surface are you frantically trying to keep it all afloat? Jen works with women like you to help them find some calm and rediscover the joy in their busy lives.

When Jen discovered One of Many in 2017 she was a very busy wife and mother to two young boys with a successful career in financial services and a lovely home near the sea.  It felt like life should have been good but instead she was exhausted and quite frankly miserable. She was so busy serving everyone else’s needs and demands that she was worn out.  One of Many helped Jen to take time for herself, set some much needed boundaries and find a passion for life and especially for helping women going through the same thing!

Now as a coach, Jen will help you to identify the blocks getting in the way of your own joy, to make space for your needs and to move towards the life you truly want.

This is what her clients have to say:

“I would definitely recommend Jen as a coach. Each session felt as though it was tailor made for me and relevant to what I was going through at the time. It always focussed on what would be most useful to me. Jen was absolutely non-judgemental and always positive. She is a fabulous coach with a real desire to support and help you on your own journey.”           A, small business director

“Jen is amazing - she will listen and support you, focusing on what YOU want.”         C, academic

“Jen holds the most beautiful, loving space that allows you to open yourself up completely and see with such clarity why things are they way they are.  This enables true transformation to happen.”          C, consultant

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