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Are you a woman of certain age stuck in a teaching job that no longer energises or challenges you? Do you feel unappreciated and invisible? Are younger (often male) teachers being promoted ahead of you? Are you afraid you may have your ladder propped up against the wrong building? Are you settling for ‘ok’ , afraid of confrontation but can’t move because of financial commitments: heavy out goings; a mortgage and maybe kids at uni?

Life is not a rehearsal….time is running out…..but it’s never too late to dive into the great adventure!

Time to pivot, pirouette and press on.

As a professional coach since 2006, and with over 37 years’ experience in schools, Jean can guide you to rekindle your love of teaching because that’s why you joined the profession in the first place, right? We will tap into your inner leader and help you design, the lifestyle and career you deserve. If your present school does not appreciate your unique gifts and potential…then it is time to move on and let’s be honest….with the current teacher recruitment crisis: you are in the driving seat.

She combines her skills and know-how with the amazing Tools of One of Many to offer tailor-made programmes to professional teachers who want to get their mojo back.

No more waking up with that knot in your stomach on a Monday morning dreading the week ahead.

You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your school community to live a balanced, joyful and fulfilled life.

Another of Jean’s talents is a facility to work with young people. Jean is a firm believer that all behaviour is communication and we need to get past the ‘poor behaviour’ to address the important needs that are not being met and….. meet them. Through her warm and empathetic listening she can almost instantly build rapport with these sometimes hard to reach young people.

She has developed a six week coaching  programme for young people to address such issues as anxiety, friendship, anger management, organisational skills and successful study skills.

As she still lives in the same house, in the same catchment area, it is one of her greatest joys to be accosted by former pupils and clients in all sorts of locations..recently it was the young man who came to service her central heating boiler…’I think you used to be my drama teacher…’ off they went down memory lane together. He had considerably less hair than he did in 2001 so she did not immediately recognise him! How do you quantify those genuine encounters? Give them a number? Give them a grading?

Here are a few answers to her exit question posed at the end of the students' coaching sessions: ‘How has coaching been for you?’

JL anxiety ‘It’s helped a lot; it has helped me with my stress. I think you are doing a really good job of it’

CD panic attacks ‘I feel I am in control now so bring on the exams!’

KR friendship ‘I have changed how I feel about people taking behind my back.’

SH anxiety ‘I used to think that there was no point, that I was worthless but now I know where to get help and how to work my way through it.’

What could be more fulfilling than knowing you have shared some simple, effective coaching tools that will ripple out from each young person to their friends and immediate family and the wider community.

These tools need to be shared so Jean also offers a high-end training programme: Fast Track Education Coach. This is a six month VIP programme where she coaches potential clients around all the key tools she has tried and tested over the  years.


My most recent graduate said this:

 I thoroughly enjoyed Jean's FTEC training which has given me insight, clarity and a much deeper understanding of coaching teenagers. Jean shares her great experience and skills in a gentle, fun and robust way to meet my needs for my own professional development.  In doing so she has enabled me to bring new tools to a generation of teenagers in need of solid support. I cannot recommend Jean highly enough for her delightful and generous way of sharing her knowledge and skills .

Dr Fiona Schneider

11th Jan 2020


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