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Hazel Cernuda
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Hazel Cernuda is a transformational coach passionate about empowering women.

She helps professional women who lack confidence and self-belief, or feel unhappy in their career, gain clarity on their natural strengths and the unique value they bring.  So they find courage to make the positive difference they want to make, and step into their authentic power not only as themselves, but also as women.

This is especially important in our often masculine-biased culture where the more naturally feminine strengths like empathy, intuition, nurture, collaboration, and inclusion are not always recognised. And yet in companies and cultures where they’re both valued and freely expressed the positive impact is significant.  And this is irrespective of gender.

Hazel previously had a successful career in the corporate pharmaceutical industry but knows first-hand what it feels like trying to be something you’re not to get ahead.  Where your natural way of being is not always recognised or valued. It negatively impacts your confidence, your self-belief and eventually your health and wellbeing.

Her 'superpowers' are creating a safe space for her clients to explore... bringing a sense of calm to 'noisy' minds...  deep empathy and compassion... a natural energy-uplifter... and inspiring courage and confidence in others.

In addition to being a One of Many™ Certified Women’s Coach, Hazel is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has completed training in Professional Coaching Skills (ICF Accredited), NLP Diploma Level and Transactional Analysis TA101 and TA202.

She is based in South Oxfordshire, where she lives with her husband and their dog Merlin.  Hazel is also a Reiki Master and loves spending time connecting with nature and honouring the seasons.  She replenishes her energy with time alone, walking, yoga, reading, visiting beautiful places, eating great food, getting creative, spending fun time with her nieces and nephews and socialising with good friends.

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