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  1. Dr Liz Taylor
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Liz has been a doctor for over 20 years and has specialised as a GP for more than 15 of these. She is also a GP Appraiser, a mother, a lover of swimming and a certified One of Many Coach.

She can provide the support that is often missing in the high-pressure culture of the NHS. Topics covered during coaching often include: saying no and boundary setting, understanding limiting beliefs, rediscovering confidence, handling pressure, dealing with conflict (internal and external), managing workload and improving work-life balance.

Liz focuses on guiding professional women who would like to:

* Feel more in control of their career
* Obtain a better work-life balance
* Rediscover enthusiasm for their profession
* Manage time and workload more proficiently
* Avoid burnout and manage stress
* Rediscover confidence in their abilities
* Make informed career decisions
* Clarify goals and direction
* Deal effectively with conflict

Liz coaches using the innovative One of Many Coaching Program and the tools it contains that have helped her to flourish as a medical professional. She knows that talking to a colleague who also works at the coalface adds reassurance and confidentiality to the process. Liz believes that healthcare is at its best when patients are cared for by doctors who know how to look after and prioritise themselves.

Liz understands that the constant giving and juggling at work and at home, without giving to yourself, is unsustainable. She can show you how to thrive both as a professional medic and through the life events that are thrown at all of us. Among other things, she’s walked the path of single parenthood, managing messy families and navigating new relationships with a child in tow. She knows that what got us to where we are in life today is not always what will take us forward.

Contact Liz via email or telephone if you’d like to find out more.

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