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Are you living with stress and mental fatigue as your default state? Have you been operating in ‘Superwoman’ mode for too long, trying to keep all the plates spinning? Perhaps you are noticing the negative impact this is having on your physical and mental health, your relationships, your engagement at work and your interaction with the wider world? Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, running-on-empty, heading for burnout...does this sound like you? You're not alone; many women are being affected by the demands of 21st Century life. Are you so busy trying to please everyone that there is no time for you? Over the years, maybe you’ve lost your identity. What happened to the real you, who used to have dreams, passions and aspirations? Or are you at a crossroads in life? Events such as relationship breakdown, career change, return to work after maternity leave, the empty nest syndrome or the menopause years can result in women experiencing fear, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. You may be paralysed by indecision and feel you can’t move forwards from these events.

I’m passionate about these challenges because of my own experiences. I know that feeling of ‘less than’ - I’ve been there. But supportive coaching helped me to overcome my self-defeatist beliefs and attitudes. My friends and family all noticed the difference in me … “Jo has got her MOJO back!” This instilled in me a desire to make a contribution to supporting other women in finding sustainable ways to move forward with their lives. Becoming a certified One of Many™ coach allows me to help women find a way to live a balanced life, increasing their potential as a leader and making a bigger impact in the world by accessing their unique 'Soft Power'. I help them develop a vision for the life they want to lead and create strategies to make that happen.

“Jo helped me to take back control of my life by prioritising what’s important for a better me! She guided me through tasks and intentions, keeping me focussed in the right direction with perspective and encouragement. Jo carefully listened to my struggles and questioned my thinking in an understanding and caring way. I am now a much happier and contented person, both at work and play!” GR “Jo has been a warm and empathetic coach. Nonetheless she has pulled me up on some of my self-defeatist patterns and has pushed me to overcome them. She has left me with a range of tools that I can use to tackle my low self-confidence now that I’m looking to get back into the game after maternity leave. I came out of the coaching sessions with her with a fresh outlook and would highly recommend her as a coach.”  SM

Let me help you to: • Find a new way of operating with more ease • Make an impact in life without hitting burnout • Reach your potential and feel more fulfilled • Spark a change and re-ignite your passion for life

I offer one to one coaching, in-house group coaching for teams and also informal group workshops using the proven tools and resources developed by the One of Many™ organisation.

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