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Catherine Evans Joines
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Dr Catherine Evans Joines, ACC – Chief Explorer and Strategist at Changeopsis

Catherine is a leadership empowerment coach.  She helps successful women to make the impact they want to without burning themselves out. By creating a work-life dynamic that enables them to fulfill their career aspirations, whilst also being there for their families they can flourish, thrive and make the difference they want to see in the world.

Alongside a successful career of over 15 years in strategic business development, connected sales and marketing, primarily within the life science and biotech sectors, Catherine established Changeopsis, which literally means “a vision of change”.  Through Changeopsis Catherine supports successful women, who are drawn to do something bigger, to make an impact and leave a legacy, but are concerned that they will burn themselves out in the process.  By equipping them with the tools to step up, she helps them to create their own unique work-life dynamic, which supports them as they move forward making the difference they want to see in the world.

Catherine is a life-long learner, an achiever, a certified professional coach and holds a doctorate in Chemistry. She is an explorer at heart and has a love of travel and the great outdoors. She is no stranger to change.  She has experienced first-hand career progression, career transition, cultural change from traveling, living and working abroad, reverse culture shock from coming back home after living abroad for 4.5 years, as well as circumstance changes due to divorce, marriage and children. She has struggled with work-related stress, the juggle of home and work responsibilities, and experienced “mum-guilt” and the feelings of “never getting it quite right” or “having to compromise all the time” when it comes to balancing her ambitions for her career with the desire to be there for her family.

Approximately 5 years ago she realised she wasn't as fulfilled as she might be and that she had much more to contribute. And so began a period of self-discovery, which no doubt will last a lifetime. She came to understand her strengths, talents and core values.  Over time she has created a vision for the future for herself, for her family, for society and the world we live in. Then step-by-step she has moved forward bringing that vision to life.

Today, Catherine enjoys her own portfolio career as a business development consultant and portfolio career strategist & leadership empowerment coach, as well as being a mum to 2 young boys and loving wife to her ski-instructor husband.   Through Changeopsis she helps women in business conquer the never-ending to-do list; juggle their often divergent and diverse responsibilities; reconnect with who they are, their skills, strengths and talents; get clear on what they want and need from their careers and life so that they can design and create their fulfilling and rewarding career pathway, which also incorporates time for themselves and their families.

Catherine offers a variety of coaching programmes, workshops and strategy VIP days and can help you to

  • Get clear on your career and life vision
  • Develop strategies to build the bridge between now and the future career vision
  • Manage your time and energy, so that you are in command of your life and career
  • Be more effective and achieve what you need to without invoking superwoman!
  • Step up and be the leader you know you need to be to bring about the change you want to see.

In addition to being a One of Many Women’s Certified Coach, Catherine is also an ICF accredited certified coach and has completed an Advance Coach Training Program with the International Coach Academy.

If this resonates with you and you would like to explore how Catherine could support you moving forward, then we invite you to get in touch.


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