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Many women, including me, find that the bright, precocious, happy girl they once were becomes so tightly wrapped, she is strangled and exhausted. I will support you to unravel the bindings of approval and people pleasing; the years of trying not to be too loud, too quiet, too clever, too funny, too pretty, too sexy, too you. Through using highly effective and proven tools combined with coaching, I will help you to know that everything  about you is just right and to shine brightly. 

A little about me I started my personal development journey in 2018. I was a science freelance editor and writer in educational publishing - I still am. I wanted to be more organised and feel calmer and more myself. I didn’t even realise, but I mistrusted other women and I was disconnected from my own body. I was running on empty and suffered from frequent headaches. I was very anxious, tired and lonely. Luckily I discovered an outstanding programme with One of Many and day by day, through practising the tools I have peeled away the bindings to discover the woman I really am. My curiosity led me to seek out the ‘Artist's Way’ by Julia Cameron and to realise my career as an editor is a ‘shadow career’ of a writer. This led me to explore my creativity and to join ‘Story School’ Kate Wolf’s programme and to join her Wild Voice writing sessions. I am now a facilitator and hold regular Wild voice writing classes and Story sharing circles. Now I feel more grounded, connected, confident, energetic, purposeful, enthusiastic and free.  This is what I want for you too.

What my clients say

I have been working with Carol for the last few months, and she has been incredibly supportive, encouraging and just generally really lovely. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone in various areas, helped me to find clarity and make decisions. As a freelancer, it's hard sometimes to work alone, so being able to discuss ideas with Carol has been so helpful, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

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