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Almira Ross

You have something special inside you.  Something you know; something you do; something you want to share with others.  And you know if you could only get this something special out of you and into the world, you could change lives.  And change your fortunes too. 

Whether you’re new to business, or have an already established practice, Almira will show you how to turn your expertise into best-selling online courses, and grow the business of your dreams online.  Not in the usual way — operating from the masculine paradigm of business. Rather, from a new business paradigm that honours who you are and how powerful you can be as a woman and business owner. 

After a long and successful career in the IT industry, Almira left the corporate world to set up her own coaching practice.  In the past 12 years, she has helped hundreds women unlock their passion and make the transition from their day job to running their own successful businesses.  Alarmed that so many women were showing up in her practice feeling not good enough, or competent enough, or …. enough, she co-authored Written in the Rainbow, a Woman’s Secret to Self Esteem, with One of Many Coach Susie Heath.

Currently, she runs coaching, mentoring and training programmes that give women the strategies, tools, insights and confidence they need to create a profitable business online.

She is also a Lead the Change Coach at One of Many.

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