Christine El Issa

  1. Christine El Issa
United Kingdom West Midlands

Christine is passionate about community and belonging. She came into coaching after nearly 20 years as a social worker. Working with children and families who faced a wide array of grief, loss, separation and trauma, Christine understands the toll of secondary trauma and burnout that these complex issues can cause. As a coach, Christine works to empower women to prioritise their self-care, which then allows them to grow in the impact they wish to make in the world. She truly believes that if all women could look after themselves as well as they look after others, the positive impact on their families, communities and the world as a whole would be limitless. Christine is an experienced mother as well as a survivor of emotional abuse. She is passionate about supporting busy mothers striving to attain that elusive work/life balance, especially when complicated by other challenges such as difficult relationship or family dynamics, or parenting children with additional needs.

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