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As an ex-operational researcher, then cognitive psychologist turned career coach, I see my mission as supporting other talented STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) professionals to empower themselves and flourish. I notice that many of us, who love the technical work, lose momentum mid-career. Especially the introverts and those with caring responsibilities.

I believe our world is losing a massive amount of talent, diversity and good ideas to this phenomenon. What I have seen is the people feeling stuck are also the thinkers and idea machines. If we are going to turn around issues like climate change and having an inclusive society, the world needs your ideas now!

Are you a STEM professional, who feels their career has lost momentum? Maybe you feel stuck and can’t see how to make the next step, possibly even feel you have reached the glass ceiling.

Or it could be that you know a step you would like to take but feel trapped. Ironically, often by the very things that should be positive – your experience or income; although location or family situation may also come into this.

I bring my experience, from my personal journey, but also as a One of Many™ Certified Women's Coach and STEM professional into supporting professional women get their career back on track.

Empowering you firstly to find more balanced well-being at work, as well as home. Then supporting you to rediscover your authentic self. And use that to progress your career. Authentically gaining the recognition you deserve, whilst feeling less stressed and enjoying work and life more.

✒️ A director level client explained, how in addition to having “had glimmers of my old self, which I thought was lost forever”; our coaching, “directly benefits my ability to do my job.”

✒️ Ruth (an academic) shared, “I’ve seen huge leaps forward in the last 4 months. It’s incredible value based on the transformation I’ve seen.”

If you are a STEM professional who wants to progress, flourish and reach your full potential; let’s have a chat to see if I can help you.

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