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  1. Begoña F Alepuz
London, United Kingdom N4 1AT

I am Spanish, multilingual highly motivated achiever with 20+ years of project, programme and portfolio manager experience in the construction industry. During those years I developed a second career in people and personal development through coaching, NLP and hypnosis applied to my own experience and I became an expert in  people's drivers, identity and behaviours.

I am a curious and creative high achiever and love a good challenge. I am a champion of change, innovation and self leadership.

I believe inspiring others to think differently is at the core of the ability to deliver significant growth which nowadays is very much needed.


Senior corporate professionals come to Begoña at a point in their lives where they feel dissatisfied, almost frustrated, because they feel their own ambitions are not being met or don’t see a way to satisfying them without compromising their integrity.

As high achievers they know they can do more, offer more, contribute more. They love challenges yet they feel constraint, bored and safe. They want their lives to mean something, they want to make an impact, to leave a legacy.  They feel the call to grow, to dream big, to take action and want to do something about it. Begoña helps them honour their desires, own their potential, step into their new level and make an impact.


Begoña builds trust very quickly. She creates a safe space which enables her clients to relax, let their guard down, explore creatively without judgement and have fun. She understands the new level her clients are about to step into can feel daunting so she allows her clients to walk at their own pace however she is prepared to challenge when the client is ready with a firm but gentle approach.

Through creativity, subconscious work and sense of humour she helps her clients shape their new identity, let go of what no longer serves them, bring their dreams to life and co-create a plan to make it happen.

What her clients say 

Irene López de Vallejo -

I came to Begoña at a point in my life where I was feeling lost, physically and emotionally exhausted and needed help to shape my future in a way that made me feel alive again.  With her direct style and her extraordinary intuition, Begoña taught me how to listen to me, re-discover me and recognize and feed the different forces that inhabit me.  A year and a half later my life has taken a radical and sensible turn. I feel free, I feel good, and I know I have the tools to take care of myself and continue to explore the best version of myself.

Charlotte E Bevan. Digital planning community and communications manager

"Begoña has been a fantastic coach and really opened my eyes. It has been really transformative. At the start of the process I saw myself as the 'do-er' rather than a thought leader. Now I see myself as someone who is well respected, knowledgeable and is able to shape strategy at work, not just do the tasks set by others"

Yacira Blanco. Architect 

I was completely sceptical as to whether coaching was what I needed. I was in for a surprise. I went from self sabotaging my dreams to someone resourceful to achieve those dreams whilst managing my fears.

This was possible mainly because Begoña's coaching style. I gave her permission to challenge me. Somehow I knew I needed to be accountable and would otherwise escape from uncomfortable questions. She is very encouraging and always there to celebrating the wins, even the small ones.

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