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AMP-Coaching & Consulting Supporting committed but fatigued healthcare professionals to reconnect to their personal energy, rediscover their love of what they do, and create their own personalised plan for sustainable energy in the work they love.

Angela's journey as a nurse began in 1990, but her path has been marked by health challenges. Despite facing setbacks, including a second kidney transplant in 2000, Angela persevered and returned to nursing. Now with over 17 years of experience in oncology, Angela's lived experiences and professional expertise have uniquely positioned her as a beacon of change for healthcare professionals. Through her own journey, Angela has discovered a new calling as a coach. Over the last two years, she has found passion and purpose in supporting healthcare professionals who also live with their own health challenges. Angela's unique blend of empathy, compassion, and professional insight enables her to guide others on their paths to wellness and fulfilment. So often healthcare professionals with health challenges lose sight of their value and self worth and do not celebrate their uniqueness because life is so challenging, let me help you find that joy again.

Replenished: A bespoke coaching program empowering healthcare professionals navigating personal health challenges to reclaim their energy, and cultivate a sustainable path to well-being in their lives and in the work they love.

From Exhausted to  Energised

Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals


Testimonial from a Senior Nurse Client

Angela’s kindness compassion and overall selflessness combined with her upmost professionalism and unique coaching style, captured my interest from my first discovery session. Angela was the missing piece of the puzzle in my life that I never knew existed until I started my sessions.

The most powerful aspect of the coaching for me, was that I didn’t need to change, that I had the ability to be the best version of myself by tapping into my power types that were already a part of me, that I can do anything and to rid myself from self-limiting beliefs. I wouldn’t be the best version of myself today without Angela’s support and guidance and for that I will always be truly grateful.

Testimonial from a Dentist Client

My coaching sessions with Angela have enabled me to make some very hard personal changes I needed to make. She created the space I needed to transform, by listening and challenging me to push through my own limitations. Her energy and presence are magical.

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